This Battery Plant Will Reuse Millions of Old Batteries

The company takes in batteries (from cars, laptops, phones, tablets, and other electronics) that are at the end of their useful life, then breaks them down and extracts metals like nickel, copper, cobalt, and lithium. 

A US Supercomputer Is Ranking Fastest in The World

The Frontier supercomputer has now become the world's first known supercomputer to demonstrate a processor speed of 1.1 exaFLOPS (1.1 quintillion floating point operations per second, or FLOPS).

The US Congress Just Held Its First Public Hearing on UFOs in 50 Years

The hearing included the investigation of more than 140 instances of strange sightings by fighter aircraft instruments and pilots. Officials were only able to explain one of the incidents – a large, deflated balloon.

Lead Exposure May Have Lowered The IQ of Half of Americans

Childhood lead exposure in the United States is ubiquitous and much more concerning than previous estimates have suggested, according to a new study.

Climate change lawsuit in US to hold oil companies accountable

Baltimore city, US government officials want oil companies to pay for their direct contributions to climate change. In Baltimore, citizens have suffered the devastating effects associated with climate change.

Tornadoes and climate change

Projections suggest that stronger, tornado-producing storms may be more likely as global temperatures rise, though strengthened less than we might expect from the increase in available energy.

US is worlds biggest plastic polluter

At 42m metric tons of plastic waste a year, the US generates more waste than all EU countries combined. Recycling infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the huge growth in American plastic production.

A Solar Farm the Size of 1,000 Football Stadiums Is Going Up in U.S

The Mammoth Solar farm will be built in a rural area of Indiana about 80 miles south-east of Chicago. Distributed throughout that space will be 2,850,000 solar panels, which will generate 1.65 gigawatts of electricity.

Physicists Achieve 'Historic' Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

Nuclear scientists using lasers the size of three football fields said they had generated a huge amount of energy from fusion, possibly offering hope for the development of a new clean energy source.

Space Solar Power Project could provide Earth with limitless energy

California Institute of Technology is developing technology capable of generating solar power in space and beaming it back to Earth. Solar power could be continuously available anywhere on Earth.

Space Perspective's Stratospheric Balloon Tours

U.S Space Perspective is selling tickets for flights that provide an astronaut's-eye view of Earth. The price for a six-hour trip up into the stratosphere and back is $125,000. Flights are scheduled to begin as soon as late 2024. 

U.S. UFO report

A report from the US task force dedicated to investigating UFOs - or, in the official jargon, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) - has neither confirmed nor rejected the idea such sightings could indicate alien visits to Earth.

Temperatures soar as heatwave hits western US and Canada

The extended “heat dome” could be a taste of the future for the Pacific Northwest as climate change reshapes weather patterns worldwide.

Woman receives first-ever human trachea transplant

The life-changing surgery took place in January as was a success. The surgery took about 18 hours and about 50 specialists, including surgeons, nurses anesthesiologists, airway specialists and residents.

Huge U.S. Carmaker Commits To Fully Electric Vehicles

General Motors has committed to a fully-green slate of cars in future, promising to roll out only electric vehicles by 2035. The company also intends to be fully carbon neutral by 2040.