Lead exposure leads to changes in middle-aged brains

For each 5 micrograms per deciliter more lead they carried as children, the study participants lost an average of 2 IQ points by age 45. They also had slightly more than 1 square centimeter less cortical surface area.

Johnson & Johnson will stop selling talc-based baby powder

Even if the company still refuses to take responsibility for the claims that its iconic baby powder causes harm to human health, namely ovarian carcer, people are relieved that the products will no longer be available. 

Our BPA Exposure Is Much Higher Than We Thought

BPA or Bisphenol A (a toxic ingredient in plastic products) levels on might be far higher then we previously tested, a new study, that used new device to measure levels of the common industrial chemical in our bodies, suggests 

New study links chemical sunscreens to birth defects

US researchers have recently found a link between oxybenzone exposure and the formation of birth defects during the first trimester of pregnancy – specifically, a defect called Hirschsprung’s Disease.

Chemical pollutants at home degrade fertility in men

New UK research suggests that environmental contaminants found in the home and diet have the same adverse effects on male fertility in both humans and in domestic dogs.

A Mountain of Plastic Has Been Burning for 3 Months in South Korea

The blaze endangers the health of local citizens, contaminates the environment, and highlights the country’s growing waste management crisis. South Korea has the highest per capita plastic consumption rate in the world.

Glyphosate Found in 19 of 20 Beers and Wines Tested

The drink with the highest glyphosate concentration was Sutter Home Merlot, at 51.4 parts per billion (ppb). Popular beer brands like Coors Light, Miller Lite and Budweiser all had concentrations above 25 ppb.

Excessive Pollution Causes Toxic Black Snowfall In Siberia

Three cities in the coal-mining region in Siberia have turned into a ghostly dark snowscape after being covered with black snow. The blame has been pointed at coal plants which have failed to filter its fumes.

France bans Monsanto weedkiller Roundup over safety fears

Despite the European Union’s approval, scientific studies and animal experiments showed Roundup Pro 360 … is a potentially carcinogenic product for humans, suspected of being toxic for human reproduction and for aquatic organisms.

A study finds harmful chemicals in disposable diapers

A new study revealed a number of harmful substances in diapers, including banned chemicals and the weedkiller glyphosate, which is classified by the World Health Organization as a probable carcinogen.

Childhood lead exposure linked to poor adult mental health

Previous studies have identified a link between lead and intelligence, but this study looked at changes in personality and mental health as a result of exposure to the heavy metal.

Toxic smog reaches ‘severe, emergency levels’ in India’s New Delhi

Poisonous particulate matter known as PM 2.5 hit 500 in some parts of New Delhi, with very poor visibility in some areas. Last year, the high was 450 on Dec 23. The recommended level of PM2.5 in western countries is 25.

Mass Die-Off of Orcas Feared Due to Chemicals Banned in the '70s

A group of industrial chemicals humans started banning decades ago could cause many of the world’s orca whale populations to collapse over the next century, an alarming new study has found.

Maternal DDT Pesticide Exposure Linked to Autism Risk

US study found that mothers exposed to the banned pesticide DDT were nearly one-third more likely to have a child who developed autism and more than two times more likely to have a child with an intellectual disability.

Thailand to permanently ban plastic, e-scrap imports

Thailand will ban more than 400 types of electronic scrap (e-scrap) imports within the next six months. The government also will ban all types of plastic scrap imports over the course of the next two years.