Huge Google Project to Unmask Worst Methane Polluters Now Ready

A satellite that measures methane leaks from oil and gas companies is set to start circulating the Earth 15 times a day next month.

Greenland ice loss is causing the island to literally rise up

In a crazy demonstration of just how little Greenland cares about following the laws of physics, the large island is rising out of the sea. The rise is fueled by Greenland’s ongoing ice loss, which continues to melt as global temperatures rise.

Ocean system that moves heat gets closer to collapse

An abrupt shutdown of Atlantic Ocean currents that could put large parts of Europe in a deep freeze is looking a bit more likely and closer than before.

Stronger hurricanes require new Category 6

Currently, the scale ranks hurricanes from 1 to 5. Now some researchers are now calling for a category 6 to be added because of the changing Earth.

Global temperatures breach 1.5C warming limit over 12-month period

Earth has endured 12 months of temperatures 1.5C hotter than the pre-industrial era for the first time on record. That is a grave foretaste of the Paris climate deal's crucial 1.5C warming threshold.

Trigger For Ancient Maya's Collapse Reads Like a Warning To Us

Researchers peering back through 800 years of history have concluded that Mayan civilizetion may well have been undone by drought.

In 2024, the Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight

Ii is the closest the Clock has ever been to midnight, reflecting the continued state of unprecedented danger the world faces.

Global warming is accelerating

The latest calculations from several science agencies showing Earth obliterated global heat records last year may seem scary. But scientists worry that what's behind those numbers could be even worse.

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought

Melting at the interface between ice sheets and the ocean in the Arctic is much more extensive than previously estimated. Melting in the Arctic could have catastrophic effects on the rest of the world.

NASA analysis confirms 2023 as warmest year on record

Earth's average surface temperature in 2023 was the warmest on record, according to an analysis by NASA.

What octopus DNA tells us about Antarctic ice sheet collapse

This direct historical connection suggests that around 125,000 years ago, the massive 2.2 million cubic kilometer West Antarctic Ice Sheet that separates the two bays had fully collapsed into the sea.

Runaway Greenhouse Effect Fully Simulated on Earth For The First Time

The Earth would only have to heat up by a few dozen degrees to spur runaway warming, making it as inhospitable as Venus, a planet whose average surface temperature is around 464 degrees Celsius, according to NASA.

Antarctic study proves glacier has undergone irreversible retreat

Model results show that Pine Island glacier region of west Antarctica could collapse in the future. If it does, then it could raise global mean sea level by several metres.

The climate change we caused is here for at least 50,000 years

2023 has seen climate records being not just broken, but smashed. By September there had already been 38 days when global average temperatures exceeded pre-industrial ones by 1.5°C.

The Hole in the Ozone Layer Is Getting Bigger Again

A large hole in the Antarctic ozone layer once thought to be steadily closing could actually be widening, according to new research.