Odds Are Earth Will Cross a Crucial Temperature Threshold Within Five Years

One year in the next five will almost certainly be the hottest on record and there's a two-in-three chance a single year will cross the crucial 1.5 °C global warming threshold.

Scientists are alarmed by ocean temperatures

A study published in April found the heat in the climate system was accelerating, spelling bad news for the oceans. It found the rate of change in how much heat the Earth has accumulated has more than doubled over the last two decades.

Countries where record heatwaves are likely to cause most harm

The UK research shows that unprecedented heat extremes combined with socioeconomic vulnerability puts certain regions, such as Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and Central America,most in peril.

NASA Finds Sea Levels Have Risen Over 9 Centimeters in Just 30 Years

Since 1993, the seas rose by a total of 9.1 centimeters. Two years ago, it went up by 0.27 centimeters. That one-year rise from 2021 to 2022 may sound small by comparison, but it's a harbinger.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is close to a melting point of no return

Releasing 1000 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere will cause the southern portion of the ice sheet to melt. If it melts entirely, global sea level would rise about 7 meters. We've emitted about 500 gigatons of carbon already.

Millions of dead fish are washing up in Australia

The mass fish death is the latest illustration of how climate change is combining with mismanagement to blight Australia’s fragile environment. 

Ice Sheet Collapse at Both Poles to Start Sooner Than Expected

Even if we manage to stabilize Earth's temperatures by peaking at 2 °C, Greenland's and Antarctica's vast ice sheets are on track for irreversible melting, a new study warns. 

Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

In the southern hemisphere summer of 2022, the amount of sea ice dropped to 1.92m sq km on 25 February – an all-time low based on satellite observations that started in 1979.

AI Predicts Warming Will Surpass 1.5 C in a Decade - Scientific American

New research from artificial intelligence projects that global warming will hit the threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius somewhere between 2033 and 2035.

Doomsday Clock hits 90 seconds to midnight

The people who run the clock say that’s largely a reflection of Russia’s war in Ukraine — including of the potential use of nuclear weapons and because the conflict is encouraging continued dependence on fossil fuels in Europe.

Ocean heat reached a record-high temperature in 2022

Ocean heat, a strong marker of climate change, reached a record high in 2022, helping to explain the ever-escalating pattern of extreme weather events of late.

Jellyfish are taking over the oceans due to climate change

Jellyfish populations are currently on the rise, and this growth can negatively impact humans and other living organisms unless change is implemented.

Earth's vital signs signal a "code red" climate emergency

According to the new paper, 16 of 35 planetary vital signs have now reached record extremes. That includes rises in the frequency of dangerous heat events, global tree cover loss from fires and the prevalence of the mosquito-borne dengue virus.

NASA Detects More Than 50 Methane 'Super-Emitter' Zones Around The World

NASA scientists, using a tool designed to study how dust affects climate, have identified more than 50 spots around the world emitting major levels of methane, a development that could help combat the potent greenhouse gas.

The Arctic Could Soon Unleash The Next Pandemic

Researchers looked at soil and lake sediment from Lake Hazen, the largest lake by volume north of the Arctic Circle. Sequencing segments of DNA and RNA found in the soil, the scientists sought to identify the pool of viruses present in the environment.