Large Hadron Collider Finds Evidence of 3 Never-Before-Seen Particles

Physicists say they've found evidence in data from Europe's Large Hadron Collider for three never-before-seen combinations of quarks

New Charmonium Particle Discovered

Physicists from the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) Collaboration at CERN have discovered a previously unknown particle - a new charmonium particle.

Large Hadron Collider replacement plans unveiled

The "Future Circular Collider" is conceived as a successor to the LHC, and – if given the green light – it would allow physicists to seek answers to some of greatest mysteries in physics.

The Large Hadron Collider Is Shutting Down For Two Years

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is getting a big boost to its performance. Unfortunately, for fans of ground-breaking physics, the whole thing has to be shut down for two years while the work is done.

CERN physicists may have found a new and unexpected particle

The new and unknown particle is just over a fifth of the mass of the Higgs boson. There's nothing in any of the current models that predicts this mass. However, It's unlikely to be physics-breaking.

Physicists Achieve Electron-Accelerating Feat at Small Scale

The Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment (AWAKE) at CERN is a new kind of machine that could accelerate electrons over a fraction of the distance needed by other accelerators.

Mini antimatter accelerator could rival the the Large Hadron Collider

Researchers have found a way to accelerate antimatter in a 1000x smaller space than current accelerators, boosting the science of exotic particles.

Large Hadron Collider Accelerated 'Atoms' With Electrons for the First Time

In this case a beam of lead “atoms” traveled through the accelerator with at least one electron attached. The physicists hope to one day use these accelerated atoms in a next-generation experiment.

Higgs Boson Finally Observed at CERN

Large Hadron Collider general-purpose detectors ATLAS and CMS have made complimenting discoveries on the Higgs boson and top quark coupling process.

LHC experiment shows potential evidence of quasiparticle sought for decades

A team of high-energy experimental particle physicists has uncovered possible evidence of a subatomic quasiparticle dubbed an 'odderon' that - until now - had only been theorized to exist.

Two Teams Have Found Evidence of an Exotic New Particle

A pair of new research papers using theoretical methods have independently unearthed another new particle predicted by the laws of physics.

The Large Hadron Collider just detected a new particle

The Large Hadron Collider has once again done what it does best – smash bits of matter together and find new particles in the carnage.

The LHC is starting another year of high-energy physics

The first stable proton beams of the year have arrived at CERN.

Physicists might have just found a primordial state of matter in rare proton collisions

Physicists at CERN have reported an unexplained phenomenon in their giant ion collider device - for the first time ever, particles called 'strange hadrons' have been observed in rare proton collisions.