Seychelles' president gives speech on climate change in a submersible

Seychelles President Danny Faure calls for stronger protection of the oceans. During the speech he was in a manned submersible that was 400 feet below the waves, on the seabed off the outer islands of the Seychelles.

87 Elephants found dead in Botswana

The carcasses of 87 elephants have been discovered near a Botswana protected sanctuary, killed and stripped for their tusks.

Scientists Capture 4-mile Iceberg Breaking in Greenland

A team of NYU scientists has captured on video a four-mile iceberg breaking away from a glacier in eastern Greenland. This phenomenon, known as "calving", is a force behind the rise of global sea water levels.

Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala

Reports have emerged of multiple fatalities in the wake of an eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. Plumes of black smoke have forced evacuations and the closure of the country’s international airport.

93 Percent Of Bottled Water Contain Microplastic

A study examining 11 brands of bottled water sold around the world has found that nearly every sample tested was contaminated by plastic particles.

Bali: Diver films 'horrifying plastic cloud'

The Indonesian island of Bali is popular with tourists and known for its beautiful beaches. British diver filmed himself swimming through rubbish in the sea.

Rising Temperatures Cause Sea Turtles to Turn Female

Warming temperatures off the coasts of Australia may be having a devastating effect on green sea turtle populations by turning almost all their offspring into females.

Earth - She's Alive...

An attempt to highlight irresponsible decisions of world leaders, corporates and mindless 'consumers'. The video is dedicated to all who died fighting for Earth and those whose lives are on the line today.

Drone footage shows huge Antarctic ice crack

Drone footage shows an Antarctic ice crack which opened late last year. The British Antarctic Survey is to pull all staff out of its space-age Halley base in March because of the crack.

Delhi smog: Crop-burning adds to pollution

The Indian capital, Delhi, is experiencing its most dangerous levels of air pollution in years. In some areas, the level of air pollution is 10 times more than the recommended safe limit.

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary "Before the Flood" here

Join Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

Not Reality TV by James Cameron

Cameron’s short documentary presents visuals of climate-related devastation along with voices calling attention to the issue. The video also takes aim at Donald Trump showing some of his more outrageous remarks on the topic.

NASA Sees Temperatures Rise and Sea Ice Shrink - Climate Trends 2016

Two key climate change indicators have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and satellite data.