Indonesia is being contaminated by imported plastics

Researchers from the Sweden-based International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) have found that plastic waste shipped from Western countries is contaminating Indonesia's food supply.

Indonesian forest fire chokes millions of people, animals

Since August, forest fires have erupted in Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and South Kalimantan, and produced smog that has choked millions of people in those provinces, several neighboring regions and even Malaysia and Singapore.

Indonesia's angry 'Child of Krakatoa' rumbles on

The volcano that triggered a deadly tsunami in Indonesia late Saturday emerged from the sea around the legendary Krakatoa 90 years ago and has been on a high-level eruption watchlist for the past decade.

Indonesia hops aboard plastic cleanup with bus bottle scheme

The country’s second-largest city has launched the recycling incentive scheme, which allows customers to drop off plastic bottles and cups at terminals in exchange for bus tickets.

Climate-induced sea-level rise to worsen tsunami impacts

In the wake of the latest tsunami to hit the Indonesian coast, research shows how even slight sea-level rises linked to climate change could significantly increase the devastating effects of tidal waves.

Indonesia mobilizes 20,000 citizens to clean up plastic pollution

Indonesia wastes upward of 10 billion plastic bags every year, making it the second highest polluter of plastic in the world. Thousands of volunteers gathered around the country in one of the largest plastic cleanups to date.

In 2017, We Lost 40 Football Fields Of Trees Every Minute

New data shows that over 15.8 million hectares (39 million acres) – an area the size of Bangladesh – of tree cover was lost in the tropics during 2017.

Bali: Diver films 'horrifying plastic cloud'

The Indonesian island of Bali is popular with tourists and known for its beautiful beaches. British diver filmed himself swimming through rubbish in the sea.

Company turns seaweed into edible & biodegradable packaging

One potential solution to the massive plastic pollution could come from Evoware, which makes seaweed-based packaging that is 100% biodegradable and edible as well.

Deforestation linked to palm oil production is making Indonesia warmer

In the past decades, large areas of forest in Sumatra, Indonesia, have been replaced by cash crops like oil palm and rubber plantations. New research shows that these changes in land use increase temperatures in the region.

Without car sharing policies, urban traffic gets much, much worse

Cities plagued with terrible traffic problems may be overlooking a simple, low-cost solution: High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) policies.

Here’s Where the Ocean's Trash Comes From

Roughly eight million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year. That’s according to a 2015 report, which also identified where the bulk of this trash originates. At the top of the list: China, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

World Bank gives Indonesia $55.25m to develop geothermal power

The World Bank's board of executive directors has approved $55.25 million in grants to support geothermal energy projects in Indonesia with the aim to facilitate investment in geothermal power generation.

Borneo's Vanishing Forests: Palm Oil Farming

Demand for palm oil is expected to more than double by 2030. For mindful consumers weary of contributing to environmental degradation, it is increasingly difficult to avoid. One estimate suggests that more than 50 percent of all supermarket products contain it in one form or another.

Tofu Is Providing Green Energy For A Village In Indonesia

One village in Indonesia is using a creative, cheap, and fairly unlikely means to power their homes: Tofu. Yep, those opinion-dividing cubes of mushy bean curd.