World's first cloned arctic wolf is now 100 days old

Chinese researchers have created the world’s first cloned Arctic wolf — an achievement that could help save other species from extinction and ensure the biodiversity of our planet.

World's first coronavirus vaccine you can inhale approved in China

China became the first country to approve a needle-free, inhaled version of a Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine is similar to those developed by AstraZeneca Plc and Johnson & Johnson.

Quantum Physicists Set New Record For Entangling Photons Together

A new method for entwining the fates of fragments of light has overcome some serious obstacles on the road to photon-based quantum computing.

World Record For The Most Powerful Stable Magnetic Field

At the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Steady High Magnetic Field Facility, a magnet years in development achieved a steady magnetic field of 45.22 tesla – tens of thousands of times more powerful than an souvenir fridge magnet.

Scientists create the world's first 'synthetic' embryos

A team of stem cell researchers in Israel was able to create the world’s first synthetic embryos from mice stem cells, a scientific feat that could hold the key to ending animal testing in medical research and offer new solutions to healing people.

Physicists Finally Measure A Theorized Molecule Made From Light And Matter

Physicists have just caught light acting the part of 'glue' between atoms, in a kind of loosely bonded molecule.

New Set of Chemical Reactions Could Finally Explain How Life Started on Earth

the team's overall results suggest that carbon dioxide was a vital ingredient for the emergence of life on Earth – but only when combined with other ingredients.

A 5th person is likely cured of HIV

One case involved a man with cancer who underwent a specialized stem cell transplant; the other involved a woman who received immune-boosting therapies as part of a clinical trial.

Ancient 'Canyon Diablo' Meteorite Reveals Mysterious Diamond Crystal Structure

The structure, an interlocking form of graphite and diamond, has unique properties that could one day be used to develop super-fast charging or new types of electronics, researchers say.

Atomic Bonds In A Single Molecule Was Rearanged For The First Time

Chemical engineering has taken a step forward, with international european researchers forcing a single molecule to undergo a series of transformations with a tiny nudge of voltage.

MIT Scientists Suggest Wild Plan to Ease Climate Change

To buy time for weaning ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction, we could simply raise a parasol made of high-tech bubbles over the planet to create a bit of shade.

A Compelling New Hypothesis Could Finally Explain How Earth Formed

The planets in our Solar System formed progressively. Small grains grew over time into kilometer-​sized planetesimals by accumulating more and more material through their gravitational pull.

4-Billion-Year-Old Ancient Piece of Earth's Crust Discovered

Australian researchers have discovered evidence of an approximately four billion-year-old piece of the Earth’s crust that exists beneath the South-West of Western Australia

Large Hadron Collider Finds Evidence of 3 Never-Before-Seen Particles

Physicists say they've found evidence in data from Europe's Large Hadron Collider for three never-before-seen combinations of quarks

A strange new type of behavior in a magnetic material

Physicists observed a strange new type of behaviour in a magnetic material when it's heated up. The magnetic spins 'freeze' into a static pattern when the temperature rises.