Solar storms that caused pretty auroras can create havoc with technology

The same geomagnetic storms causing the auroras can cause havoc with our planet’s human-made infrastructure. 

Exquisitely detailed map of a tiny piece of the human brain

Although the map covers just a fraction of the organ—a whole brain is a million times larger—that piece contains roughly 57,000 cells, about 230 millimeters of blood vessels, and nearly 150 million synapses. 

Global vaccination have saved at least 154 million lives over the past 50 years

A major landmark study reveals that global immunization efforts have saved an estimated 154 million lives - or the equivalent of 6 lives every minute of every year - over the past 50 years. The vast majority of lives saved were infants.

Sperm Whale Communication Is Remarkably Similar to Human Language

The latest study is a big step forward in decoding whale linguistics - and machine learning is making it possible.

Quantum Entanglement May Share a Profound Link With Steam Engines

A year after all but ruling out the possibility, a pair of theoretical physicists from Japan and the Netherlands have found quantum entanglement has something fundamentally in common with the physics that drives steam engines.

Beautifully crafted Roman dodecahedron discovered in UK

The recent discovery of a Roman dodecahedron in Lincolnshire has prompted renewed fascination in these ancient mysterious objects.

Life Blossomed When Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Collapsed 590 Million Years Ago

Earth's magnetic field nearly collapsed some 590 million years ago, presumably putting life on the planet's surface at risk of a rise in cosmic radiation.

Scientists simulated a black hole in a lab

The University of Amsterdam created the black hole event horizon to study the behaviour of a black hole in an controlled environment.

Quantum leap: Scientists make light waves "stand still"

Scientists have discovered a novel method to manipulate light waves, using nanophotonics, deforming the photonic crystal that contains them.

Scientists Have Created a Functional Brain Cell Based on a Mix of Salt And Water

For the first time, researchers have simulated neurological junctions called synapses using the same water and salt ingredients the brain uses, contributing to an emerging field that combines biology with electronics called iontronics.

World-First: Woman Receives Combined Heart Pump And Kidney Transplant

Surgeons in the United States have transplanted a modified pig kidney into a living person for the second time, a hospital said Wednesday, celebrating an advance in animal-to-human organ transplants.

For The First Time, Scientists Capture The Protein-Lipid Dance on Video

Scientists for the first time captured the dance between proteins and fats as they would normally move in cells.

Diamonds can be grown in a lab in less than 3 hours

While natural diamonds take billions of years to form, lab-grown diamonds can be produced quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Bioluminescence Evolved in The Abyss 540 Million Years Ago

Scientists have traced bioluminescence to its earliest known evolutionary origins: a class of corals called Octocorallia in the depths of the ocean in the Cambrian, some 540 million years ago. 

Researchers create stable superconductor enhanced by magnetism

An international team of researchers has succeeded in creating a special state of superconductivity. This discovery could advance the development of quantum computers.