Scientists develop artificial kidney that may end dialysis

Scientists at the University of California San Francisco have developed a bioreactor device that uses human kidney cells cultured in the laboratory and mimics some of the key functions of a kidney.

Earth's Core Appears to Be Wrapped in an Ancient, Unexpected Structure

The most high-resolution map yet reveals something we previously never knew about: an ancient ocean floor that may wrap around the core. This thin but dense layer exists around 2,900 kilometers below the surface.

New fossil scull found in Turkey challenges human evolution

The new discovery lends weight to the theory that the hominins first evolved in Europe before migrating to Africa 7–9 million years ago.

Rare 'Hypernuclei' Have Been Detected at The Large Hadron Collider

Between 2016 and 2018, physicists recorded more than 100 rare, unstable hypernuclei – atomic cores that contain an unusual flavor of quark in one of their nuclear particles.

Aggressive Cancer Cells Transformed Into Healthy Cells in Breakthrough

Scientists have successfully induced rhabdomyosarcoma cells to transform into normal, healthy muscle cells. It's a breakthrough that could lead to similar breakthroughs for other types of human cancers.

Brain Implant Gives a Voice to People Who Couldn't Speak

In two separate cases, scientists have successfully used brain implants and machine learning to give patients back their voice after theirs was taken.

Scientists solve the genetic puzzle of sex-related Y chromosome

Scientists have taken an important step forward in understanding the human genome - our genetic blueprint - by fully deciphering the enigmatic Y chromosome present in males, an achievement that could help guide research on infertility in men.

Ancient Manmade Fires Drove Mass Extinction

Fossils from La Brea Tar Pits in Southern California suggest that sabertooth cats and other large North American mammals disappeared as a result of wildfires spurred by human activity.

Arithmetic has a biological origin

Humans have been making symbols for numbers for thousands of years. Different cultures developed their own symbols, but all use addition and multiplication, suggesting arithmetic is a universal truth.

Giant Structure Deep in Australia May Be Largest Asteroid Impact on Record

The Deniliquin structure spans up to 520 kilometres in diameter. This exceeds the size of the near-300km- wide Vredefort impact structure in South Africa, which to date has been considered the world's largest.

Strange Ecosystem Found Thriving below Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents

We’ve known about the vents above for a long time, but this is basically a completely new ecosystem below.

U.S. scientists observe first evidence of quantum superchemistry

The scientists hope the breakthrough is the start of a new era. Though this experiment was performed with simple, two-atom molecules, they plan to work their way up to handling larger and more complex molecules.

Ionocaloric cooling makes a new type of refrigerator

Technique could replace current systems that rely on vapour compression of powerful greenhouse gases.

Gigantic viruses discovered

Deep beneath the soil of a Massachusetts forest, an international team of researchers has uncovered a multitude of mysterious, gigantic viruses of unprecedented ecological diversity. 

US scientists prove that metal can heal itself

US scientists have observed metal cracking and fusing back together, in a discovery that could pave the way for self-healing machines, vehicles and bridges.