Elephants Call Their Relatives by Name across the Savanna

A new research suggests wild African elephants may pick their own names and use them to call and greet one another on the savanna.

Sperm Whale Communication Is Remarkably Similar to Human Language

The latest study is a big step forward in decoding whale linguistics - and machine learning is making it possible.

Bees can do basic arithmetic

The revelation that even the miniature brain of a honeybee can grasp basic mathematical operations has implications for the future development of AI.

Apes demonstrate human-like understanding of what others believe

The results show that apes can grasp what others know even when it differs from their own knowledge. This demonstrate that nonhuman primates can recognize others' beliefs, desires, and intentions, a phenomenon called "theory of mind" (ToM).

Dolphin 'Conversation' Recorded?

Scientists say they have documented two dolphins using what appear to be discrete words and sentences.

Why are humpbacks risking their lives to save seals from killer whales?

Recent research shows humpbacks do more than just protect their young: they often go on the offensive, actively seeking out and harassing killer whales – and even preventing them from attacking other species like seals, porpoises and sea lions.