New whale species discovered along the coast of Hokkaido

A new beaked whale species Berardius minimus, which has been long postulated by local whalers in Hokkaido, Japan, has been confirmed.

New Zealand whale stranding leaves more than 140 whales dead

Scientists have an imprecise understanding of the obscure phenomenon of mass whale strandings, when large numbers of the marine mammals suddenly beach themselves — often their final acts.

Mass Die-Off of Orcas Feared Due to Chemicals Banned in the '70s

A group of industrial chemicals humans started banning decades ago could cause many of the world’s orca whale populations to collapse over the next century, an alarming new study has found.

Japanese Fleet Slaughters 333 Whales in the Name of ‘Science’

In a disturbing repeat of last year, Japanese whalers returned to port Friday with the carcasses of 333 minke whales on board. Since 1986, a global moratorium has banned the hunting of whales, but Japan claims the killings are being done for “scientific research.”

US lifts protection on most humpback whale populations

The United States lifts protection for most humpback whales around the globe based on evidence of a strong comeback in numbers.

Why are humpbacks risking their lives to save seals from killer whales?

Recent research shows humpbacks do more than just protect their young: they often go on the offensive, actively seeking out and harassing killer whales – and even preventing them from attacking other species like seals, porpoises and sea lions.

Japan Slaughtered 333 Whales in "Scientific" Expedition

Earlier today, four ships from Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research returned to their home port after a "scientific" expedition to the Antarctic region. The fleet claims to have captured 333 minke whales ,including pregnant females, in blatant disregard of an international ruling.

What Will Climate Change Mean for Whales? These Scientists Hope to Find Out.

Writer Douglas Fox and photographer Carolyn Van Houten are spending 15 days aboard the M.V. Ortelius, docked here at the Port of Ushuaia on March 10, 2016, to join scientists conducting studies of humpback and minke whales in the glacial fjords along the Antarctic Peninsula.

We're one step closer to the end of whale hunting as Iceland halts the practice this year |

With international pressure rising, Iceland whaler Kristjan Loftsson calls off the hunt this season.