Ephemeral morning frost discovered atop Mars' tallest volcanoes

Morning images show frost briefly coating at least four colossal volcanoes: Olympus Mons, Arsia Mons, Ascraeus Mons, and Ceraunius Tholus.

Earliest Evidence of Earth's Magnetic Field Found in Greenland

Geoscientists show that rocks from the Isua Supracrustal Belt in West Greenland have experienced three thermal events throughout their geological history.

Solar System Passed Through Cold Interstellar Cloud About 2 Million Years Ago

Cold, dense clouds in the interstellar medium of our Milky Way Galaxy are around four-five orders of magnitude denser than their diffuse counterparts.

Researchers demonstrate the first chip-based 3D printer

Researchers have demonstrated the first chip-based 3D printer, a tiny device that emits reconfigurable beams of visible light into a well of resin that rapidly cures into a solid shape. 

The Milky Way May Have Collided With Something Huge Within Earth's Lifetime

The Milky Way is only as massive as it is because of collisions and mergers with other galaxies.

Scientists Connect 16 Mini Brains to Create a "Living Computer"

A startup in Switzerland has built a unique computer processor made from 16 tiny brains made from human tissue, basically a living computer.

Elephants Call Their Relatives by Name across the Savanna

A new research suggests wild African elephants may pick their own names and use them to call and greet one another on the savanna.

New antibiotic helps maintain healthy gut microbes

A recent study shows promise for a new antibiotic that effectively fights several bacteria while sparing the helpful bacteria that occur naturally in the gut.

Illegal Wildlife Trade Threatens 4,000 Species Globally, UN Reports

Around 4,000 species of plants and animals are victims of illegal wildlife trade globally, according to the latest World Wildlife Crime Report.

How forest schools boost children's immune systems

Scandinavian-style forest schools and nurseries are spreading all around the world. Outdoor learning is increasing seen as an important way of connecting children with nature.

Eating ultra-processed food linked to chronic insomnia

The consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) may be associated with insomnia experienced by an estimated one third of adults, a report has revealed.

Alien-Looking Species Seen For First Time Ever in Ocean's Darkest Depths

A collection of new species discovered lurking on the seafloor exemplifies exactly how alien this strange world is.

Tiny Overlooked Creatures May Have Triggered Explosion of Life on Earth

Prehistoric marine worms may have made an outsized contribution to the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.

Astronomers Discover Slowest-Spinning Radio-Emitting Neutron Star

A neutron star labeled ASKAP J1935+2148 defies rules for neutron stars, emitting radio signals on a comparatively leisurely interval of 53.8 minutes.

New Evidence Challenges Origin Theory on The Universe's Heaviest Elements

The creation of any heavier elements would consume energy instead of releasing it. In order to explain the presence of these heavier elements today, it's necessary to find phenomena that can produce them.