In a first, astronomers discover 'radiation belt' outside solar system

The belt was discovered around a brown dwarf known as LSR J1835+3259 and is 10 million times more intense than Jupiter's.

Giant Study Identifies Dominant Force Driving Evolution on Earth Today

Mounting evidence suggests humans are now a major driving force of evolution on Earth. We're altering so much of our world that we're not only now driving the climate, but the direction of life itself.

Odds Are Earth Will Cross a Crucial Temperature Threshold Within Five Years

One year in the next five will almost certainly be the hottest on record and there's a two-in-three chance a single year will cross the crucial 1.5 °C global warming threshold.

Astronomers Have Mapped The Paths of Hazardous Asteroids For The Next 1,000 Years

While our census of hazardous NEOs is not nearly complete, we do have reliable maps of nearly all of the potentially hazardous asteroids larger than a kilometer (0.6 mile) across.

Saturn's moon count grows by 62 for a record 145 satellites

New discoveries by a team of astronomers added 62 new moons to Saturn’s existing 83, bringing its total to 145.  Therefore, Saturn is the first planet known to have more than 100 moons.

NASA supercomputer makes predictions to give time to prepare for solar storms

The model uses AI to analyze spacecraft measurements of the solar wind and predict where an impending solar storm will strike, anywhere on Earth, with 30 minutes of warning. This could provide just enough time to prepare for these storms.

Largest-Ever Cosmic Explosion Has Raged for Years

The explosive event labeled AT2021lwx was observed to be ten times brighter than any known supernova. This thing we have never, ever seen before – it just came out of nowhere.

Surprise Magnetic Signal May Finally Solve The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts

In a new research scientists observed a repeating fast radio burst for more than a year and discovered signs it is surrounded by a strong but highly changeable magnetic field.

Scientists announce rough draft of human pangenome

To build the pangenome, scientists used data from the 1000 Genomes Project, which included participants from across ethnic groups. The development is a landmark in genomics.

A cosmic object 10 million times brighter than the Sun breaks the laws of Physics

There’s a celestial body in the galaxy messier 82also known as the Cigar Galaxywhich emits 10 million times more light than the Sun. According to the laws of Physics,this is only possible if the body is about to explode. 

Astronomers spot a star swallowing a planet

Scientists have observed a star swallowing a planet for the first time. Earth will meet a similar fate in 5 billion years.

Doctors Conduct Brain Surgery on Fetus in Womb in World First

For the first time, surgeons have successfully repaired a major malformation in the brain of a fetus.

Scientists Nearly Doubled Yeast Cells' Longevity

This might represent a fundamental breakthrough in our quest to slow the inevitable march of time.

Astronomers find the remains of the Universe's first stars

For the first time ever, we were able to identify the chemical traces of the explosions of the first stars in very distant gas clouds.

Almost 20,000 Ancient Volcanoes Discovered at The Bottom of The Ocean

That brings the total to 43,454 undersea mountains, almost doubling the number we knew about.