"Dark data" Has A Huge Carbon Footprint

More than half of the digital data firms generate is collected, processed and stored for single-use purposes. Often, it is never re-used. In 2020, digitisation generated 4% of global greenhouse emissions.

Just One Ocean Is Absorbing Nearly All The Excess Heat

The Southern Ocean has dominated the global absorption of heat. In fact, Southern Ocean heat uptake accounts for almost all the planet's ocean warming, thereby controlling the rate of climate change.

Giant Viruses Are Infecting Algae in a Rare, Floating Lake in The Arctic

Researchers found "giant" viruses – several times larger than typical viruses – affecting microscopic algae just below the boundary between fresh water and salt water. 

Pakistan Flood Crisis Caused by Climate Change

Relentless rains in Pakistan over two months have caused the country's worst flooding in more than a decade. Floodwaters have washed away roads, buildings, and crops. A third of the country is now underwater.

Australia Environment Report That Nobody Should Ignore

The overall conclusion of the report is that climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and resource extraction have pushed Australia's environment into a serious and severely deteriorating state.

MIT Scientists Suggest Wild Plan to Ease Climate Change

To buy time for weaning ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction, we could simply raise a parasol made of high-tech bubbles over the planet to create a bit of shade.

A Disturbing Process Has Been Accelerating in Freshwater Lakes Worldwide

On top of intensifying algal blooms and depleting oxygen, a new study reveals Earth's bodies of freshwater are also evaporating at a greater rate than we realized.

Odds Are Now 50/50 That We'll Exceed 1.5 C Warming Within Just 5 Years

There is an even chance that global temperatures will temporarily breach the benchmark of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels in one of the next five years, the United Nations warned.

The Ocean Is Starting to Lose Its Memory, Scientists Warn

The ocean memory decline is expected to make it significantly harder for scientists to forecast upcoming ocean dynamics. It will hinder our ability to project monsoons, marine heatwaves and periods of extreme weather, among other things.

Fish on Australia's Great Barrier Reef are losing their colour, study finds

Fish on Australia's Great Barrier Reef are losing their colour as coral reefs degrade and die during bleaching events, a new study shows.

Bizarre Temperature Anomaly in Antarctica

Eastern Antarctica has recorded exceptionally high temperatures in March, more than 30 degrees Celsius above normal, say experts.

The Biggest Increase in Global CO2 Emissions Ever Recorded

The increase in global CO2 emissions of over 2 billion metric tons in 2022 is the largest in history in absolute terms, more than offsetting the previous year's pandemic-induced decline.

Warmer Oceans, more methane from seabeds

Warmer oceans can lead to large amounts of methane being released from the seabeds, which may amplify climate warming.

Climate change lawsuit in US to hold oil companies accountable

Baltimore city, US government officials want oil companies to pay for their direct contributions to climate change. In Baltimore, citizens have suffered the devastating effects associated with climate change.

Climate change has likely begun to suffocate the world's fisheries

By 2080, around 70% of the world's oceans could be suffocating from a lack of oxygen as a result of climate change, potentially impacting marine ecosystems worldwide.