Humanity deep in the danger zone of planetary boundaries

Six of nine planetary boundaries—climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, synthetic chemicals including plastics, freshwater depletion, and nitrogen use—are already deep in the red zone, an international team of 29 scientists reported.

Invasive species threaten food supply and public health worldwide

Non-native species—displaced either by global trade and travel or by climate change—pose "a severe global threat" to local biodiversity, food security as well as public health, a new report has found.

Global warming could cause leaf photosynthesis to fail

Global warming could push tropical forests to a point where photosynthesis fails and trees die. The ramifications are huge, scientists say.

Antarctic Extremes Are Now Virtually Assured

Antarctica is missing an obscene amount of ice. The missing sea ice is currently the size of Greenland, a country that spans nearly 2.2 million square kilometres.

Termination Zero: Our Predicament May Be Totally Unprecedented

Since 2006, the amount of heat-trapping methane in Earth's atmosphere has been rising fast. It may signal that a great transition in Earth's climate has begun.

The limit a body can take

Experts have found that the human body has an "upper critical temperature" of between 40C and 50C, a limit which, if surpassed, can cause it to start malfunctioning.

Forests May Stop Absorbing Carbon by 2070

A recent report by the Agriculture Department has made an alarming revelation: by 2070, US forests may switch roles from being carbon absorbers to significant carbon emitters. 

Land and sea surface temperature hotter than ever before

July was a recording breaking month for both land and sea temperatures, according to EU climate observers Copernicus. 

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at a "Very Concerning" Record Low

It’s winter in Antarctica, when sea ice cover typically grows. But this year’s sea ice is way behind, reaching record lows with implications for the planet.

Greenland ancient ice melting shows high risk of sea level rise today

An international team of scientists was amazed to discover that Greenland was a green land only 416,000 years ago. Much of the Greenland ice sheet vanished when it got warm which caused a global sea level rise.

World records hottest day for third time in a week

The temperatures are being driven by human-induced climate change and the naturally-occurring weather pattern known as El Niño, scientists say. Last month was the hottest June on record, the EU's climate monitoring service Copernicus said on Thursday.

Scientists warn of crop failure ‘uncertainties’ as Earth heats up

A new study has highlighted the possibility of major harvest failures caused by climate change in multiple global breadbaskets as the United Nations warned of a “dystopian future” without immediate action.

New research links climate change to shrinking brain size in modern humans

A new study suggests that decreases in brain size in modern humans may be driven by natural selection in response to climate change and environmental stress, starting around 15,000 years ago. 

Himalayan glaciers may lose 75 percent of ice by 2100

Melting of glaciers to cause flooding and water shortages for nearly 2 billion people who live downstream, report says.

Shocking NASA Video Shows Carbon Emissions as if They Were Visible

These jaw-dropping videos demonstrate precisely where the majority of this critical greenhouse gas is being released, and how that changes over the course of a single year.