Perseverance: Nasa's Mars rover celebrates 1,000 days of science

Nasa says its Perseverance rover has essentially completed the job it was asked to do when it landed on Mars in February 2021.

Dragonfly rotorcraft given green light for mission to Titan

NASA has given the green light for the nuclear-powered v rotorcraft to explore Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Approval for the 2028 interplanetary mission comes after years of delay due to COVID-19 and a series of cost overruns.

NASA Is Set to Launch Its Next-Gen Solar Sail Into Deep Space

NASA is about to launch a new solar sail design with a better support structure. Called the Advanced Composite Solar Sail System (ACS3).

The Moon Is Getting Its Own Time Zone

The White House in U.S. has recently directed NASA to establish a unified standard of time for the moon and other celestial bodies.

SOHO Observatory Discovers Its 5,000th Comet

The observatory has achieved this milestone over 28 years in space, even though it was never designed to be a comet hunter.

Jeff Bezos-Backed Company Passes NASA Test

NASA invested hundreds of millions of dollars in potential replacements for the International Space Station (ISS), with Jeff Bezos’ Orbital Reef passing crucial milestones.

Juno measures oxygen production on Europa

Using NASA’s Juno spacecraft, scientists have calculated the rate of oxygen production on Jupiter’s moon Europa — the first time any spacecraft had directly measured charged oxygen and hydrogen particles from the moon’s atmosphere.

Kuiper Belt May Be Much Larger than Previously Estimated

New measurements by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft show higher than model-predicted levels of interstellar dust as the spacecraft approaches the putative outer edge of the Kuiper Belt.

NASA Presented Previously Unknown Photographs Of Saturn's Moons

On new recently released NASA images show the moons of Saturn in all their glory, as if they came straight out of the pages of science fiction.

Discovery Alert: A 'Super-Earth' in the Habitable Zone

 A “super-Earth” ripe for further investigation orbits a small, reddish star that is, by astronomical standards, fairly close to us – only 137 light-years away. 

NASA's Webb Depicts Staggering Structure in 19 Nearby Spiral Galaxies

It’s oh-so-easy to be absolutely mesmerized by these spiral galaxies. Follow their clearly defined arms, which are brimming with stars, to their centers, where there may be old star clusters and – sometimes – active supermassive black holes.

NASA's Hubble Finds Water Vapor in Small Exoplanet's Atmosphere

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope observed the smallest exoplanet where water vapor has been detected in the atmosphere.

NASA Reveals X-59 Quiet Supersonic Aircraft

NASA and Lockheed Martin formally debuted the agency’s X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft Friday. Using this one-of-a-kind experimental airplane, NASA aims to gather data that could revolutionize air travel.

NASA Detects Mysterious Signal Coming From Outside Our Galaxy

NASA astronomers have discovered an unexpected "signal" coming from outside our galaxy, which they can't explain.