NASA’s Juno spacecraft sends back new photos of Jupiter

Juno took the photo 8,000 miles from the cloud tops during its 18th close flyby of Jupiter on February 12. Overall, 32 flybys are planned, so Juno is just beginning the second half of its flybys.

Juno Flyby Captures New Images of Jupiter's moon Io

A team of space scientists has captured new images of a volcanic plume on Jupiter’s moon Io on Dec. 21, during winter solstice, four of Juno’s cameras captured images of the Jovian moon Io, the most volcanic body in our solar system.

Icy warning for space missions to Jupiter's moon

Scientists suggest fields of 15 metre-high shards of ice could exist on Europa's surface, posing a threat to future landing missions.

Jupiter's Moons: 12 More Found, 79 Known

Over the past 18 months, astronomers have painstakingly tracked a dozen tiny moons that they found circling the giant planet Jupiter.

Juno Spacecraft Captures the Clouds of Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft took this color-enhanced image on May 23, 2018 24), as the spacecraft performed its 13th close flyby of Jupiter. At the time, Juno was 15,500 kilometers from the planet’s cloud tops.

First interstellar immigrant discovered in the solar system

The asteroid, currently nestling in Jupiter's orbit, is the first known asteroid to have been captured from another star system.

NASA just announced new evidence for water plumes on Europa

Citing data collected by NASA's Galileo probe more than two decades ago, scientists report that giant jets of water are spouting more than 100 miles off Jupiter moon Eupora's surface.

Jupiter and Venus Change Earth's Orbit Every 405,000 Years

A new study presents the first physical evidence that the Venus’ and Jupiter’s gravity can cause shifts in Earth’s orbit—and swings in its climate—every 405,000 years.

Low 3-D Flyover of Jupiter’s North Pole in Infrared

In this animation the viewer is taken low over Jupiter’s north pole to illustrate the 3-D aspects of the region’s central cyclone and the eight cyclones that encircle it.

Gaze in Wonder at Jupiter's Mysterious Geometric Polar Storms

At the north pole of Jupiter eight storms are arranged around a single polar cyclone. In the south, one storm is encircled by five others.

Jupiter's two strange auroras pulse to their own X-ray beat

Scientists have detected a powerful X-ray aurora hotspot near Jupiter's south pole and it does not behave how they expected.

First images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot reach Earth

Pictures of Jupiter's most powerful storm, have been transmitted to Earth, giving eager scientist close-up views of the 10,000-mile-wide anticyclone where winds have been howling for at least 187 years.

New study suggests Jupiter’s formation divided Solar System in two

A new study suggests that the early Solar System was quickly divided in two, with the rapidly forming Jupiter creating the dividing line.

Best Jupiter Images From Juno So Far

The original plans for the Juno mission to Jupiter didn’t include a color camera. But a camera was added to the manifest, and the incredible images from the JunoCam have been grabbing the spotlight.

NASA's Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile of Results

NASA is releasing Juno’s first scientific results and Jupiter appears a lot weirder than anyone thought it would be.