Quantum computer built inside a diamond | KurzweilAI

The first multi-qubit computer with protection against decoherence (noise that prevents the computer from functioning properly) has been developed by an international team of  scientists.

Oscillating gel acts like artificial skin, giving robots potential ability to ‘feel’

A gel can be resuscitated in a fashion similar to a medical cardiopulmonary resuscitation, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the

Artificial synapses could lead to advanced computer memory and machines that mimic biological brains

In a step toward computers that mimic the parallel processing of complex biological brains, researchers from HRL Laboratories, LLC, and the University of

More energy efficient transistors through quantum tunneling

Researchers have announced breakthroughs in the development of tunneling field effect transistors, a semiconductor technology that takes advantage of the quirky behavior of electrons at the quantum level.

Multiple groups claim to create first atom-thick silicon sheets

(PhysOrg.com) -- Since its discovery in 2004, graphene -- sheets of carbon an atom thick -- has sparked a flurry of research into the nanomaterial

Transparent, flexible 3D memory chips may be the next big thing in small memory devices

New memory chips that are transparent, flexible enough to be folded like a sheet of paper, shrug off 1,000-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, and survive

Google unveils "Project Glass," augmented reality glasses

Google has confirmed the existence of a project to build glasses with a heads- …

First superradiant lasers produce nearly no photons (and that's expected)

Ordinary lasers emit photons that have nearly identical frequencies, but for …

Virtual desktop generates manipulable 3D windows

In his internship project at Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, Jinha Lee developed the See Through 3D Desktop --- a 3D hardware/software

Mass production of first flexible, plastic e-ink displays

LG has begun mass production of the world’s first flexible, plastic e-ink display, ExtremeTech reports. The display has a resolution of 1024 x 768 and

Liquid-like materials may pave way for new thermoelectric devices

In the continual quest for better thermoelectric materials -- which convert heat into electricity and vice versa -- researchers have identified a liquid-like compound whose properties give it the potential to be even more efficient than traditional thermoelectrics.