Gender Bias Kills 239,000 Girls in India Every Year, Study Finds

Approximately 239,000 Indian girls under the age of 5 die every year due to neglect. The preference for boys in India encourages prioritizing food, educational opportunities, and medical attention for boys over girls.

Your phone could be made with child labor

Smartphones, laptops, and electric car batteries rely on cobalt, most of which comes from Congolese mines that employ children.

Photographer of the year: the best of 2017

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, bombed-out buildings in Syria and an anti-Trump march in New York are among the images captured by the agency photographers shortlisted by the Guardian picture desk this year.

Primary care consultations last less than 5 minutes for half the world's population

Average consultation length varies widely, from 48 seconds in Bangladesh, to 22.5 minutes in Sweden. In 15 countries, which represent around half of the world's population, the appointment lasted less than 5 minutes.

The Case for Letting Robots Make Our Clothes

I visited the garment factory workers who could lose their jobs to automation. But could robots also change their lives?

The dark psychology of dehumanization, explained

Nour Kteily is a psychologist at Northwestern University whose research is about understanding one of the darkest, most ancient, and most disturbing mental programs encoded into our minds: dehumanization, the ability to see fellow men and women as less than human.

Barack Obama: The world is too small for fundamentalism and racism

In a wide ranging speech to the United Nations General Assembley, US President Barack Obama said the world is too small to resort to fundamentalism and racism.

Across the world minds are narrowing. We must fight back

Against signs of global intolerance - such as Brexit - the proper answers are cosmpolitanism, art and solidarity

Transgender Canadians should 'feel free and safe' to be themselves under new Liberal bill

Canada marked the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia by introducing federal legislation that would guarantee full legal and human rights protection to transgender people across the country.