Universal features of music around the world

New research supports the idea that music all around the globe shares important commonalities, despite many differences. Is music really a "universal language"?

SpaceX launches 60 little satellites, with many more to come

SpaceX has launched 60 little satellites, the first of thousands that founder Elon Musk plans to put in orbit for global internet coverage.

Protesters Kick Off a Week of Global Climate Action

Thousands of protesters around the world took to the streets as part of a wave of coordinated action. The protesters want the world’s governments to stop sleepwalking through humanity’s last best chance at ecological salvation.

Kindness to others greatly improve one's mood

According to a recent study, walking around and offering kindness to others in the world reduces anxiety and increases happiness and feelings of social connection.

The Most Wholesome Internet Challenge Ever

Viral internet trends aren’t often inspiring. However, the most recent hashtag—#trashtag—is empowering. Tons of everyday citizens are taking it upon themselves to help make their communities look and feel a little nicer.

OneWeb of 900 internet satellites in space

US-based company OneWeb along with Airbus hopes to get everyone on the planet on the internet. After starting up seven years ago, the company is finally starting to launch a fleet of about 900 satellites into a low-Earth orbit.

Powerful People Who Fought for the Planet in 2018

This year we saw leaders propelling environmental activism forward and demanding collaborative action on climate change. These are nine powerful people who stood up for the environment in 2018.

Famous Men Who Boldly Stood Up for Women in 2018

The gender pay gap persists, women are most likely to live in poverty and sexual violence remains rampant. But here are 13 famous men who stood up for women in 2018.

Building tolerance for other cultures starts in the classroom

Hate crimes in large cities have increased since 2014, but schools offer a place where students can gain a better understanding of people in other lands and cultures and learn to empathize with them.

The Retail Chain is Introducing Tables for Talking to Strangers

Loneliness is becoming a serious problem all over the world, and Sainsbury's is introducing 'Talking Tables' in its cafés. The tables will have signs saying 'Reserved for customers in the mood for having a chat'.

Denis Mukwege, Nadia Murad win 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

The duo were awarded for their efforts to curb sexual violence as a weapon of war and for seeking justice for victims.

School-in-a-Box brings the gift of learning to Papua New Guinea

Architects worked with the non-profit SEAM to create School-in-a-Box, a portable school that helps bring accessible education to remote areas.

New Zealand to house country's entire homeless population

New Zealand's government has vowed to get the country's entire homeless population off the streets before winter hits the country next month.

These ‘Pollution Pods’ Have Sprung Up in London for a Great Reason

Each of the five pods simulates the air quality in a different city. The work is to mark Earth Day on April 22 — a global movement to raise awareness of the necessity of protecting the environment.

The Future of The Internet of Things

The world could have more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020 — seven times the amount of people on Earth.