Nasa's Perseverance produces breathable oxygen on Mars

Nasa's Perseverance rover has been able to generate 122g of breathable oxygen - enough to sustain a human for three hours on the Red Planet.

Early Mars Had a Sustained, Cyclic, Possibly Seasonal, Climate

New observations of mud cracks made by NASA's Curiosity rover show that high-frequency, wet-dry cycling occurred in early Martian surface environments.

Mars' Olympus Mons volcano could have been an island

French researchers suggesting that the tallest volcano in Solar System, Olympus Mons on Mars was once a volcanic island, surrounded by a deep sea.

Perseverance Rover Finds Preserved Organic Matter on Mars

Researchers poring over imagery and data from the Perseverance rover on Mars have found evidence of organic molecules in the planet’s Jezero Crater, potentially providing evidence of the planet’s carbon cycles and its ability to host life.

NASA unveils 'Mars' habitat for year-long experiments on Earth

Four small rooms, a gym and a lot of red sand - NASA unveiled its new Mars-simulation habitat, in which volunteers will live for a year at a time to test what life will be like on future missions to Earth.

Martian Core Revealed by Seismic Waves From Planets Far Side

Scientists have detected sound waves moving through Mars’ core for the first time, offering new clues to the composition of the fourth planet from the Sun.

UAEs Hope probe begins close encounters with martian moon Deimos

Launched 19 July 2020 atop a Japanese H-2A rocket, the Hope probe braked into a highly elliptical orbit around Mars on 9 February 2021. The first such close encounter came in late January.

Mars meteorite holds clues to chances of ancient life

A Martian meteorite that crashed in Morocco 11 years ago contains a vast diversity of organic compounds, which could help researchers discover if Mars could have hosted life and provide important clues about Earth's geological history.

New NASA Nuclear Rocket Plan

This new class of bimodal nuclear propulsion system uses a "wave rotor topping cycle" and could reduce transit times to Mars to just 45 days.

Curiosity rover discovers water-rich fracture halos on Mars

A recent study finds that the vast subsurface fracture networks in Gale crater would have provided water-rich and radiation-shielded conditions that were potentially more habitable than those on the surface.

Giant mantle plume on Mars

Orbital observations unveil the presence of an enormous mantle plume pushing the surface of Mars upward and driving intense volcanic and seismic activity. 

A mega-tsunami on ancient Mars

A new research is lending support to the possibility that an asteroid slammed into Martian ancient ocean 3.5 billion years ago, creating a mega-tsunami 309 meters high.

Perseverance Rover Discovers Possible Organic Compounds on Mars

Rock samples from the Jezero crater analyzed by NASA's Perseverance Mars rover show evidence of liquid water and signatures that could be organic compounds. 

Traces of ancient ocean discovered on Mars

A recently released set of topography maps provides new evidence for an ancient northern ocean on Mars. The maps offer the strongest case yet that the planet once experienced sea-level rise consistent with an extended warm and wet climate.

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover finds hints of microbial life

NASA scientists said Thursday the Mars Perseverance rover found biologically-interesting rocks in an ancient lake bed that could indicate microbial life existed on the red planet billions of years ago.