Eating ultra-processed food linked to chronic insomnia

The consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) may be associated with insomnia experienced by an estimated one third of adults, a report has revealed.

Study links heat waves to early births

As the world braces for another summer of extreme heat, following the record-setting 2023 season, a recent study has acutely linked heat waves to the rate of early births among pregnant women.

Microplastics Found in Blood Clots in Heart, Brain, And Legs

Now, a new study from researchers in China reports finding microplastics in blood clots surgically removed from arteries in the heart and brain, and deep veins in the lower legs.

High-Potency Cannabis Tied to Impaired Brain Development, Psychosis, CUD

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations in cannabis products have increased over the years, from around 2%-4% to 15%-24% now. The impact of high-potency products must be taken seriously.

Plastic can silently enter our body with every breath we take

Research shows inhaled plastic particles deposit in the respiratory system, affecting health based on size, shape, and breathing rate.

Virus lifespan and transmission boosted by high CO2 levels

The findings reveal that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels play a critical role in the lifespan and transmission of airborne viruses.

Marijuana Use Linked to Epigenetic Changes - News Center

Recent and long-term marijuana use is linked to changes in the human genome, a new study has found.

Hand Sanitizers Could Damage Critical Supporting Cells In The Brain

Chemicals found in common household disinfectants, glues, and furniture textiles could damage supporting cells in the brain during critical stages of their development, a new study based on human cell cultures and mice has found.

Living in poorer neighborhoods tied to faster brain aging

Living in poorer neighborhoods is linked to higher risk of dementia and faster brain aging, according to new research.

1 billion people will be obese by 2030

Obesity rates around the world are soaring and governments are failing to tackle the issue as a systemic problem, health campaigners warn.

Study Finds Microplastics in Every Human Placenta

The scientists used a new analytical tool to measure microplastics present in human placentas, finding the tiny pollutants in all 62 of the placenta samples tested with concentrations ranging from 6.5 to 790 micrograms per gram of tissue.

Could ultra-processed foods be the new 'silent' killer?

Hundreds of novel ingredients never encountered by human physiology are now found in nearly 60 percent of the average adult's diet and nearly 70 percent of children's diets.

Air Pollution and Suicide Risk: An Underestimated Public Health Concern

Emerging research is shedding light on a startling connection between air pollution and suicide rates, underscoring the far-reaching effects of environmental pollutants on mental health. 

One in 10 premature births linked to plastic chemicals

One in 10 premature births in the U.S. have been linked to pregnant women being exposed to chemicals in extremely common plastic products, a large study said.

WHO Warns Cancer Cases Will Jump 77% by 2050

The number of new cancer cases will rise to more than 35 million in 2050 – 77 percent higher than the figure in 2022, the World Health Organization reported recently.