Engineers Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Waste in Hours

A new study outlines the use of a specially created enzyme variant that vastly reduces the time it takes to break down the components of plastics.

US is worlds biggest plastic polluter

At 42m metric tons of plastic waste a year, the US generates more waste than all EU countries combined. Recycling infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the huge growth in American plastic production.

Environmental impact of bottled water is 3,500 times greater than tap water

In the US, 17m barrels of oil are needed to produce the plastic to meet annual bottled water demand. Bottled water in the UK is at least 500 times more expensive than tap water.

Plastics pose threat to human health, report shows

A new report presents a summary of international research on the health impacts of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and describes the alarming health effects of widespread contamination from them in plastics.

EU's Plastic Recycling is Getting Dumped in the Ocean

Despite efforts to export plastic waste for recycling, almost one-third of it leaving Europe isn't getting recycled at all. It is estimated that there are currently more than 150 million metric tons of plastic waste in the ocean.

Ecologists sound alarm on plastic pollution

Even if governments around the world meet their ambitious global commitments, worldwide annual emissions to rivers, lakes and oceans could be as much as 53 million metric tones by the year 2030.

Ocean Plastic Pollution Will Triple by 2040

Recent study revealed that ocean plastic pollution will triple by 2040 if nothing is done to stop it. That translates to a horrifying 50 kilograms of plastic per 1 meter of shoreline.

A world drowning in plastic pollution

Almost one billion tonnes of plastic will be dumped on land and in the oceans over the period from 2016 to 2040 unless the world acts, say a team of 17 global experts.

Biggest Ever Ocean Clean-Up

A recent clean-up operation by Ocean Voyages Institute has removed around 103 tons of fishing nets and plastics trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in between the coasts of California and Hawaii. 

Discarded face masks now threatening wildlife habitats

The masks are made of the plastic polypropylene, which is not easily biodegradable. The accumulation of discarded face masks litters the environment and poses serious risks to the equilibrium of habitats and the health of wildlife.

The Highest-Ever Concentration of Microplastics

According to a recent study, up to 1.9 million pieces of microplastic is located in a 5 cm-thick layer covering just one square metre. It is the highest levels of microplastics yet recorded on the ocean floor.

Opening a Plastic Bottle Releases Microscopic Pollution

It seems we're releasing anywhere around 10 to 30 nanograms of plastic fragments just a few nanometres across for every 3 metres (about 10 feet) of plastic we break apart.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are sued over plastics pollution

The Earth Island Institute asked for unspecified damages and an order for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle USA, Procter & Gamble and six other companies to clean up plastic waste that the group says has created a global pollution crisis.

Malaysia returns plastic trash to wealthy countries

Malaysia will no longer allow other countries to dump their plastic waste on its land. The country has successfully returned 150 containers of plastic waste to 13 mostly wealthy nations since the end of last year.