Mauna Kea had a million earthquakes over 20 years

Mauna Kea is classified as a dormant shield volcano. An U.S. team has found evidence that it has experienced over 1 million deep, long-period earthquakes over the past 19 years. 

Honolulu cracks down on single-use plastics

Hawaii's most populated island is implementing tough new rules for packaging. Honolulu City will ban food and beverages from being served in polystyrene containers and with disposable utensils or plastic straws from 2021.

Rising sea levels could destroy Hawaii's iconic Waikiki Beach

Hawaii’s iconic Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater as rising sea levels caused by climate change overtake its white sand beaches and bustling city streets.

Hawaiian company unveils an integrated home

Hawaiian company, EnSync, is providing its smart home energy systems, which will utilize peer-to-peer energy exchange and smart water heaters to optimize energy efficiency and utilization of solar across the community.

An Entire Hawaiian Island Has Just Vanished Off The Face of Earth

Satellite images released this week reveal that the entirety of East Island was basically wiped out by powerful storm surges in the wake of Hurricane Walaka, one of the most intense Pacific hurricanes on record.

Hawaii Kilauea's Fast-Moving Lava

The hottest and fastest-moving lava of Kilauea volcano’s latest eruption spread across new parts of the Big Island Wednesday, forcing officials to order evacuations.

Hawaii pledges to become carbon neutral by 2045

Hawaii’s legislature passed two bills setting out the most ambitious climate goal of any US state. The bill will create a task force that sets out a plan to make the state carbon neutral “no later than 2045.”

See The Fury Of Hawaii's Latest Volcanic Eruptions

Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island has come alive with earthquakes and fresh lava flow.

Hawaii May Be The First State To Ban Coral Reef-Killing Sunscreens

The bill that is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2021, will specifically prohibits the sale and distribution of sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate.

The World's Largest Telescope Will Be Built in Hawaii After All

A years-long battle over the placement of the Thirty Meter Telescope saw a major development this week, when Hawaii issued the telescope a permit to begin construction on the dormant volcano of Mauna Kea.

Volunteers Picked Up 6 Tons of Trash on International Ocean Cleanup Day

September 16th was International Ocean Cleanup Day, and 300 hundred Maui volunteers did their part by picking up a staggering six tons of garbage.

Tesla built a huge solar energy plant on the island of Kauai

The Kauai project consists of a 52 megawatt-hour battery installation plus a 13 megawatt SolarCity solar farm. Tesla and the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative believe the project will reduce fossil fuel usage by 1.6 million gallons per year.

Hawaii bill calls for 100% green transportation by 2045

A bill to be introduced to the Hawaii Legislature calls for ground transportation to be 100 percent fueled by 2045 by renewable sources.