Climate change: we need to Invest $1.8 trillion to adapt

The analysis was carried out by the Global Commission on Adaptation - a group of 34 leaders in politics, business and science. The report says it is an urgent moral obligation of richer countries to invest in adaptation measures that will benefit the world.

Seychelles launches world’s first sovereign blue bond

Proceeds from the bond will include support for the expansion of marine protected areas, improved governance of priority fisheries and the development of the Seychelles' blue economy.

An Entire Hawaiian Island Has Just Vanished Off The Face of Earth

Satellite images released this week reveal that the entirety of East Island was basically wiped out by powerful storm surges in the wake of Hurricane Walaka, one of the most intense Pacific hurricanes on record.

Thailand bay made popular by a film closes indefinitely

Made famous by "The Beach," a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Maya Bay has been off-limits since June 1 as part of what was expected to be a four-month rejuvenation. But the marine ecosystem requires more time to recover.

Philippines′ Boracay Island faces closure

Boracay Island in the central Philippines attracts more than a million tourists, but the massive tourism on the island has caused serious environmental damage to this beautiful island.

Fijian villagers prepare for climate disasters

Three villages have already been moved and another 43 are set to be shifted, the country’s attorney general said last month.

Tesla Flexes Its Solar Muscle By Powering An Entire Pacific Island

Pacific Islanders are among the most vulnerable people to climate change. This is a way of fighting back.