Fastest rate of carbon dioxide rise over the last 50,000 years

Today's rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide increase is 10 times faster than at any other point in the past 50,000 years, researchers have found through a detailed chemical analysis of ancient Antarctic ice.

Summer 2023 was northern hemisphere's hottest for 2,000 years

Across Europe, Asia and North America, surface air temperatures were more than 2°C higher in June, July and August 2023 than the average summer temperature between AD1 and 1890, as reconstructed from tree ring records.

Dramatic Shift in Africa 5,000 Years Ago Could Be a Warning of The Future

Around five and half millenia ago, northern Africa went through a dramatic transformation. The Sahara desert expanded and grasslands, forests and lakes favoured by humans disappeared. Humans were forced to retreat.

World Continues to Swelter as April 2024 Blazes Past Heat Records

April marked another "remarkable" month of record-breaking global air and sea surface temperature averages, according to a new report by the EU's climate monitor published on Wednesday.

Large and persistent 2023 ozone hole closes

The 2023 ozone hole opened early and fast, becoming one of the largest on record in mid-September, and it’s one of the longest-lived observed to date. The causes of this behaviour point to climate change or volcanic emissions.

Mysterious force moves the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica every day

Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, a massive floating ice platform about the size of France, shifts suddenly a few centimeters at least once a day.

Climate Change Threatens Antarctic Meteorites

For every tenth of a degree of increase in global air temperature, an average of nearly 9,000 meteorites disappear from the surface of the ice sheet.

March is tenth straight month to be hottest on record

Europe's climate monitor said Tuesday that March was the hottest on record and the tenth straight month of historic heat, with sea surface temperatures also hitting a "shocking" new high.

Desperate Nations May Unilaterally Begin Hacking The Global Climate

A single country or coalition of countries witnessing the harms of climate change could make a cost and geopolitical calculation and decide to begin climate engineering on its own.

It could well be a blockbuster hurricane season, and that's not a good thing

The Atlantic hurricane season does not begin for another eight weeks, but we are deep in the heart of hurricane season prediction season.

Experts baffled as thousands of eels found dead in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand are investigating an unfortunate incident in which thousands of juvenile eels washed up in the Kauritutahi stream. The massive deaths marked the second time in the current year.

Melting polar ice may be slowing Earth's spin and messing with how we measure time

Clocks may have to skip a second - called a "negative leap second" - around 2029.

Scientists Warn The Price of Food Is Expected to Increase Every Year

Climate change, and specifically rising temperatures, may cause food prices to increase by 3.2% per year, according to a new study by researchers in Germany.

Clear evidence of human-caused climate change

New oceanic research provides clear evidence of a human "fingerprint" on climate change and shows that specific signals from human activities have altered the seasonal cycle amplitude of sea surface temperatures (SST).