A Membrane That Separates CO2 From Other Gases

Scientists have developed a new type of self-assembling silver membrane that could be used to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions before they have a chance to spread in the atmosphere.

COVID-19 Pandemic Caused Unprecedented Fall Of CO2

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, scientists have predicted that global carbon dioxide emissions may drop by more than 5 percent in 2020—in what would be the largest fall since the end of the Second World War.

Microsoft's Plan to Reverse Its Lifetime CO2 Emissions

Microsoft CEO announced recently that not only does the company plan to be carbon negative by 2030, but if it succeeds, the move will effectively cancel out its lifetime CO2 emissions by 2050.

California coastal waters rising in acidity at alarming rate

Waters off the California coast are acidifying twice as fast as the global average, scientists found, threatening major fisheries and sounding the alarm that the ocean can absorb only so much more of the world’s carbon emissions.

Aviation emissions' impacts on air quality larger than on climate

When you consider the full flight, which includes emissions from takeoff, cruise and landing, aircraft emissions are also responsible for around 16,000 premature deaths a year from impaired air quality. 

20 are firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

On top of the list are Chevron, Exxon, BP and Shell. These four global businesses are behind more than 10% of the world’s carbon emissions since 1965. Twelve of the 20 companies are state-owned and together they are responsible for 20% of total emissions.

EU consumption results in high CO2 emissions from tropical deforestation

More than half of deforestation is due to production of food and animal feed, such as beef, soy beans and palm oil. Overall, exports account for about a fourth of that deforestation which is connected to food production.

Carbon levels on Earth not seen in 56 million years

A new study finds we are pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at a rate nine to 10 times higher than the greenhouse gas was emitted during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, a global warming event that occurred 56 million years ago.

Global carbon dioxide emissions have climbed in 2018

Renewable energy capacity has hit record levels and global coal use may have already peaked. But the world's CO2 emissions from fossil fuels increased in 2018, and the trend places global warming targets in jeopardy.

EU to seek stricter car emissions cut by 2030

European Union countries have agreed to pursue a 35 percent cut in car emissions by 2030, as part of global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit global warming.

Literally no country is doing enough to meet the Paris Accord

Even the UK and China—economies which are leading the way in terms of reducing carbon intensity—are not doing enough to meet the 2 degree target, the newest report says.

Carbon particles can penetrate into placenta of pregnant women

For the first time, researchers have found evidence of tiny particles of carbon, typically created by burning fossil fuels, in placentas.

Cities With The Biggest Carbon Footprints

According to the latest study by the Norwegian researchers - Seoul (South Korea), Guangzhou (China) and New York City leads the world in its global carbon footprint.

Global tourism carbon footprint quantified in world first

The global comprehensive tourism footprint is about four times greater than previous estimates, is growing faster than international trade and is already responsible for almost a tenth of global greenhouse emissions.

Germany's Living Lab Project Helps to Cut Back CO2

In Berlin, an effort to cut CO2 emissions is underway with a year-long living lab experiment. 100 households are aiming to cut their carbon footprints 40 percent over the course of this year.