Germany to ban use of glyphosate from 2023

Germany will ban the use of the weedkiller glyphosate - the subject of billion-dollar U.S lawsuits over claims it causes cancer - from the end of 2023 and limit its use before then.

Big fashion retailer promises sustainable fabrics by 2025

Inditex, owner of fast fashion brand Zara, announced that "100 percent of the cotton, linen and polyester used by all eight of its brands will be organic, sustainable or recycled" and that all viscose will be sustainably produced by 2023.

NASA's SPHEREx mission will investigate the origins of the universe

NASA has announced a new space telescope mission dedicated to understanding the origins of life and the universe. The space agency is aiming for a 2023 launch.

NASA mission OSIRIS-REx has arrived at near-Earth asteroid Bennu

It will map and study the tiny world in great detail, eventually returning a piece of Bennu to Earth in 2023. The discoveries of OSIRIS-REx will shed light on our solar system's ancient history.

Japanese Startup Wants to Carry Passengers to Space as Early as 2023

The Japanese startup PD Aerospace is developing a reusable space plane that will use a combination of jet engines and a rocket motor to take customers to space by as early as 2023.

'Refurbished' is the new frontier for outdoor fashion

Used gear is becoming a hot new commodity for many major outdoor clothing companies. It is an interesting shift that reflects Millennials' preference for environmentally friendly products.

Uber just unveiled a prototype of its futuristic air taxi

The company aims to conduct test flights of its air taxi in 2020 in Dallas or Los Angeles, with commercial service to begin as soon as 2023.

France sets out plan to double wind power capacity

France announced a 10-point scheme on Thursday to halve the time it takes to get onshore wind farms up and running and double the amount of electricity generated by turbines by 2023.

Uber unveils flying taxi plans

Uber has unveiled its vision for the flying taxi it hopes to start using for demonstration flights in 2020.

France aims to roll out world's first autonomous high-speed trains within 7 years

French rail company SNCF is working on drone trains, or driverless high-speed trains, which they hope to start testing in 2019.

EU hails new Airbus-size alliance for supercomputers

Seven European countries announced a joint initiative to acquire and deploy world-class high-performance computers. EuroHPCEuroHPC aims to deploy so-called exascale computers that are capable of at least 10 to the 18th power calculations per second.