UK's first converted 'Electric Avenue'

Over half a mile in length, the avenue ‘Electric Avenue, W9’ in Westminster has been turned into an electric vehicle charging haven with lampposts acting as charging points.

Electric Cars Really Do Produce Less CO2 Pollution

Electric cars absolutely do produce less CO2 than gas guzzlers, a new study has confirmed - countering claims that carbon emissions from the manufacture of electric cars and the production of electricity outweighed the savings on the road.

How to reimagine public transit and get people out of cars

From the perspective of passengers, the main features of a world-class public transport system would include frequent, reliable and affordable services; a single ticketing system, new low-emission vehicles; and high-quality waiting facilities.

Lyft offers electric car "Green Mode" option

Uber competitor Lyft has introduced a new “Green Mode” options for users of its rideshare network that will allow passengers to choose to ride in an electric car.

Hydrogen train to enter UK markets by 2022

According to the developers, the UK hydrogen train will emit only water and therefore won’t produce any harmful emissions.

Volkswagen plans to drop diesel and petrol cars

Volkswagen announced a plan to get out of the business of fossil fuel cars and to go 100% electric. They’ll launch their final generation of fossil fuel cars in 2026 and plan to stop selling them all together by 2040.

Norwegian Cruise Liners Will Soon Be Powered by biogas

Cruise liners are a surprisingly large source of greenhouse gases and pollution, but Norwegian cruise operator Hurtigruten says it's on its way to carbon neutrality – and all thanks to dead fish.

Heavy industry transport could reach zero emissions by mid-century

A new report suggests that net zero emissions is achievable by mid-century, even in the hardest-to-reform sectors of the economy such as shipping, freight transport, cement manufacturing, plastics and aviation.

A company to test electric passenger plane within a year

It'll only have nine seats. But the low cost carrier expects larger electric planes in service by 2027.

Amsterdam's canal boats are going electric

By 2025, all buses in Amsterdam will be electric. In addition, the city's fleet of 150 sightseeing boats are all going to be going electric too.

France wants to triple bike use with better cycle lanes

The government will launch fund to invest 350 million euros ($410 million) in cycling infrastructure the next seven years.

UK city goes all in on electric taxis

Coventry—the 9th largest city in the UK—is going all-in on electric taxi deployment, offering a range of incentives that includes £2,500 incentive packages to the first 60 drivers placing orders for plug-in cabs.

Company pledges 2.5 million EV charging spots by 2025

Chargepoint has pledged a truly massive expansion of its global network of electric vehicle charging stations—an impressive 2.5 million charging spots by 2025 as part of its pledge to the Global Climate Action Summit.

World′s first hydrogen train rolls out in Germany

Commuters in Germany now have a chance to ride the world's first hydrogen train as the country moves to replace old diesel-powered engines. Instead of exhaust fumes, hydrogen trains produce only water.

Europe officially has more than one million electric cars

Increased electric vehicle sales have helped Europe hit a high note of one-million-plus electric cars on the streets, and the numbers are only growing.