What 'net-zero carbon' really means for cities

How does a city choked with traffic and packed full of carbon-emitting processes and structures reach a goal of net-zero carbon? And exactly how different would the urban environment look if it were net-zero?

All cars sold in Massachusetts, U.S by 2035 will be electric

Massachusetts state administrators note that cars are major contributors to carbon pollution, and any plan to achieve net-zero emissions must include the eradication of fossil fuel-powered automobiles.

Thousands of buildings, zero carbon emissions by 2030 in USA

Mayors from 19 American cities have formed a coalition to push green energy initiatives in their cities and make all buildings net-zero by 2050.

UK to Review Climate Goals, Explore 'Net-Zero' Emissions Strategy

The UK is the first G7 country to commit to such an analysis, which could help bring its emissions in line with Paris agreement goals.

This new energy concept from Sweden can make any building net zero

The concept utilizes a building’s thermal mass to drastically reduce energy use by around 85 percent.

We need net-zero buildings by 2050

The fact is, making the biggest possible dent in greenhouse gas emissions requires focusing on buildings.

Zero-energy air conditioner in India is beautiful and functional

This low-tech, energy efficient, and artistic solution to the sweltering heat harnesses the power of evaporative cooling. The innovative AC is made with conical clay tubes that naturally reduce temperature.

Zero-carbon home generates income by making more energy than it needs

The home of the future could slash your utility bills and generate enough money to help pay the mortgage.

The Next Phase in Green Building Is Healthier Buildings

As green building increasingly becomes the norm, some savvy developers and owners and looking to the next phase of green building: healthier buildings that improve employee wellness.

Elon Musk's Tesla Gigafactory Launches Epic, Zero-Emission American Manufacturing Era

Impressive as its scale is, size is among the least important things about the Gigafactory. The shift for large scale manufacturing is what is truly gargantuan. Tesla is reinventing mass production for the first time in a century.

World Green Building Council sets goal for all buildings to be "net zero" by 2050

WGBC has launched a groundbreaking project that will ensure all buildings are ‘net zero’ by 2050, in its bid to help deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Largest NetZero plus commercial retrofit in the US opens in Los Angeles

The largest net zero plus commercial building retrofit in the US officially opened a few days ago in Los Angeles.

Net-zero energy CSI-IDEA building sets the standard for low-impact architecture in Europe

Architecture firm EZAR and architect Juan Blazquez designed the CSI-IDEA Building in Malaga, Spain as a standard for net zero energy architecture.

Could Acre Designs' venture-backed net zero energy houses revolutionize the home building industry?

Backed by startup incubator Y Combinator, Acre Designs is poised to transform the house building industry with prefabricated, net zero energy homes that are affordable and sustainable.