Anti-Solar Cells Could Generate Electricity at Night

A new study proposes how thermoradiative technology could be used to make "anti-solar" cells that would work at night. These “anti-solar” cells could revolutionize renewable energy and make it far more proficient.

Materials that can revolutionize solar energy

Researchers at Columbia University, U.S. have developed a way to harness more power from singlet fission to increase the efficiency of solar cells, providing a tool to help push forward the development of next-generation devices.

Breakthrough in new material to harness solar power

Physicists are pushing the performance of solar cells to levels never before reached. The ultra-high efficiency material called a tandem perovskite solar cell is being developed to help solve the world energy crisis.

Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy

For the first time, researchers have created an iron molecule that can function both as a photocatalyst to produce fuel and in solar cells to produce electricity. The iron molecule could replace the rare metals used today.

The most powerful micro-scale biological solar cell ever created

The bio-solar cell could offer a sustainable, practical power source for lab-on-a-chip devices, which integrate several laboratory techniques into one system.

Canvas cloth with solar cells generates 120 watts per square meter

Tents, sun shades, and canopies could generate renewable energy with Norway-based company's solar canvas.

Scientists elevate quantum dot solar cell world record

Researchers have established a new world efficiency record for quantum dot solar cells, at 13.4 percent.

See-through solar cells could close gap to meet electricity demand

This could turn 5-7 billion square meters of glass alone into solar power plants, plus power your cell phone and other gadgets.

This Solar Cell Can Harness Almost All of the Energy in the Solar Spectrum

This new solar cell prototype is capable of converting just under half of the available energy from sunlight into electrical power.

These ultra-stable, printable solar cells can last for more than 10,000 hours

A team of scientists has created a low cost, fully printable solar cell that has remained stable in real world conditions for over one year, moving these record breaking solar cells from the lab to the commercial world.

Indian 'fruit of the gods' could lower cost of solar cells by 40%

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee used anthocyanin, a pigment from the jamun fruit, in dye sensitized solar cells.

Next generation perovskite solar cells with new world-record performance

A new study finds key to produce perovskite solar cells that display both high efficiency (21.2%) and long-term stability (1,000 hours of light exposure).

Japanese company develops a solar cell with record-breaking 26%+ efficiency

A group of researchers funded by a Japanese government program develops “industrially compatible” cells.

Los Alamos Lab, US creates efficient, affordable 2D pervoskite cell

Researchers have come up with a new perovskite technology that could dramatically increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of solar cells.