Tuvalu Looks To Upload Nation Into The Metaverse

The Pacific Island nation plans to create a digital clone of itself, recreating islands and monuments and conserving its history and culture as rising sea levels threaten to submerge the country.

The Metaverse Is Already Here

Facebook is building Metaverse - a virtual-reality space, or an alternative economy or world in which users can interact with other users within a persistent computer-generated environment.

Soon we may be working with avatars or digital twins

The future of work may look a lot like science fiction in a few years as advances in augmented and virtual reality as well as 5G and 6G wireless technologies revolutionize the way we interact with one another digitally.

The World's Biggest Social Virtual Reality Gathering

Virtual Market 4, or V-Ket 4 for short, is a Japanese expo that spans 36 separate worlds contained within the VRChat ecosystem. To date, VRChat is by far the most popular and used social VR application.

Virtual reality and virtual tourism

VR tourism isn’t only about recreating a virtual version of reality that renders travel to the destination unnecessary. It can enhance tourism by allowing tourists to handle precious historical artifacts in virtual form

How AR and VR Will Shape the Future of Work and Play

After a prolonged technology “winter,” the hardware and software that power VR and AR applications are accelerating at an extraordinary rate.

Facebook is working on an augmented reality headset

Revving up its hardware efforts, social networking giant Facebook is now planning to build its own Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to bring virtual friends to our homes.

Ultra-light gloves let users 'touch' virtual objects

Swiss scientists have developed an ultra-light glove - weighing less than 8 grams per finger - that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Their system provides extremely realistic haptic feedback.

First 3D virtual online shopping

Walmart test lets customers shop a curated, virtual apartment. You can shop in VR rather than a physical store.

Augmented reality takes 3-D printing to next level

Researchers are taking 3-D printing and 3-D modeling to a new level by using augmented reality to allow designers to design in physical space.

ARON ecosystem enables augmented reality without Wi-Fi

New platform, ARON, is a communications system designed to transmit real-world data via infrared light.

IMAX Opens its First European VR Experience Centre in UK

The company has also launched four pilot IMAX virtual reality (VR) experience centres in Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Shanghai.

Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual reality continues to make ground in education; from the world’s first VR primary school tour to an increased emphasis on experiential learning.

Inside China's first virtual reality theme park

A 134-hectare park in Guizhou, China promises 35 virtual reality attractions, from shoot-’em-up games and virtual rollercoasters to tours with interstellar aliens of the region’s most scenic spots.