Mobile 3D bioprinter can print skin to heal wounds

U.S. Scientists have created a mobile skin 3D bioprinting system that allows bi-layered skin to be printed directly into a wound. This treatment could help in the healing of large wounds or burns.

3D printing 100 times faster with light

Rather than building up plastic filaments layer by layer, a new approach to 3D printing lifts complex shapes from a vat of liquid at up to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing processes, researchers have shown.

World's first-ever 4D printing for ceramics

Hong Kong researchers have achieved a ground-breaking advancement in materials by successfully developing the world's first-ever 4D printing for ceramics, which are mechanically robust and can have complex shapes.

World's 'largest' 3D metal printer launches in Melbourne

Australian metal additive manufacturing company Titomic today announces the launch of the world’s 'largest' metal 3D metal printer at its state of the art facility in Melbourne, Australia.

A significant breakthrough in the field of 3D bio-printing

A team of UK researchers has developed a special fluid gel that can be used as a medium for suspension of biological material. This will solve a problem faced by scientists attempting to replicate soft human tissue.

Augmented reality takes 3-D printing to next level

Researchers are taking 3-D printing and 3-D modeling to a new level by using augmented reality to allow designers to design in physical space.

The potential of 3D printing in design and architecture

A look at the phenomenon of 3D printing worldwide, including a delicate resin pavilion in China, classical-design-inspired concrete beams in Italy and buildings that “think” in Germany.

Russian University sets 2020 target for ultrasonic levitational 3D printer

Russian physicists are developing a new kind of ultrasonic 3D printing that uses levitation to lift small particles of foam plastic. The technique could eventually be used to 3D print hot or chemically aggressive solutions and substances.

MIT's rapid liquid printing technology

A team from MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab demonstrated its innovative rapid liquid 3D printing technique by manufacturing tote bags and lamp shades in minutes.

Researcher designs 3D-printed bones

People may one day be walking around with 3D-printed bones in their bodies, according to new research from Canada. The artificial bones can lower the risk of infection.

Researchers 3-D print first truly microfluidic 'lab on a chip" devices

Researchers at BYU are the first to 3-D print a viable microfluidic device small enough to be effective at a scale much less than 100 micrometers.

The World's Largest Laser-Powered 3D Metal Printer

Using powdered metal and high-powered lasers, this additive manufacturing machine can produce virtually any metal part within a one-meter cube area.

Made In Space celebrates a year of 3D printing on the International Space Station

Made In Space is an US manufacturer of the world’s first microgravity 3D printer. As of April 2017, the company has produced 39 objects including spare parts for NASA, and components for medical research.

This Is the First Privately Commissioned 3D-Printed Object Made in Space

The unassuming 3D-printed gravity meter was commissioned by a private citizen and manufactured aboard the ISS, and represents a significant step forward in space exploration.

Australian architect launches revolution with arrival of biggest ever 3D printer

If architect James Gardiner is even half right, 3D printing is about to launch a digital design revolution. Dr Gardiner believes it will transform our world like the industrial revolution did in the 18th and 19th centuries.