Widespread permafrost degradation seen in high Arctic terrain

Rapid changes in terrain are taking place in Canada's high Arctic polar deserts due to increases in summer air temperatures.

Can cities sue oil companies for damages due to climate change?

A Toronto city councilor is going to try. In the last few years it has been hit by ice storms, floods, and, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, has been hit by six 100-year storms since 2005.

Children glued to screens show alarming developmental delays

In an open-access study of over 2,400 children, researchers found that the more time young children spend glued to screens, the worse their score on tests of cognitive and emotional development.

Repeating Radio Waves From Deep Space Intrigue Scientists

Astronomers in Canada have detected a mysterious volley of radio waves from far outside our galaxy. What corner of the universe these powerful waves come from and the forces that produced them remain unknown.

Canada moves to ban bee-killing pesticides

The Canadian government’ has agreed to impose constraints on the crop chemicals, slowly phasing out their use over the next three to five years.

The Vertical Forest comes to Toronto, Canada

Every tree will be computer monitored for health and hydration, providing a case study over the next five to 10 years that will set the base parameters for future buildings.

New Canadian Radio Telescope is Detecting Fast Radio Bursts

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME), a revolutionary new radio telescope, recently made its first-ever detection of a possible Fast Radio Burst (FRB).

World's First Pay-What-You-Can Grocery Store

The world’s first pay-what-you-can grocery store just opened up in Toronto and the shelves are stocked entirely with food that was destined for a landfill.

Major step in cutting carbon capture costs

Canadian company Carbon Engineering has developed new technology that is capable of capturing carbon at a cost of less than $100 per ton, then turning that carbon into a synthetic fuel.

New catalyst upgrades CO2 into renewable hydrocarbons

University of Toronto engineering team designs most efficient and stable process for converting climate-warming carbon dioxide into a key chemical building block.

Here's the first Canada's Zero Carbon Building

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has announced the first building certified under their new Zero Carbon standard, an office building in Waterloo, Ontario.

Scientists discover first super salty subglacial lakes in Canadian Arctic

Super salty water beneath ice could serve as a terrestrial analogue for a habitat for life on other planets.

Canada to Invest $150 Million in Plant-Based Food Sector

The country aims to develop a more sustainable food system that relies on plant-based foods instead of animal agriculture.