City of Los Angeles, U.S. Announces Bold Recycled Water Plan

The City of Los Angeles announced a bold plan to recycled 100 percent of the 260 million gallons of wastewater currently being discharged to the Pacific Ocean through the Hyperion Treatment Plant.

Germany should phase out coal use by 2038

Germany should stop using coal for electricity production by 2038, a government-appointed commission said Saturday, laying out an 80-billion euro roadmap to phase out the polluting fuel.

Volkswagen plans to drop diesel and petrol cars

Volkswagen announced a plan to get out of the business of fossil fuel cars and to go 100% electric. They’ll launch their final generation of fossil fuel cars in 2026 and plan to stop selling them all together by 2040.

How healthy will we be in 2040?

A new scientific study of forecasts and alternative scenarios for life expectancy and major causes of death in 2040 shows all countries are likely to experience at least a slight increase in lifespans.

Sweden to reach its 2030 renewables target 12 years early

By the end of this year, Sweden will have added enough capacity to reach its 2030 target of 18 terawatt hours of new renewable energy output 12 years early.

Norway shoots for 100% electric short-haul flights by 2040

Electric vehicles accounted for 50 percent of new car sales in Norway in December and now the country hopes “to be the first in the world” to switch over to electric air transportation.

California, US bill would ban new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040

This US state already has ambitious plans to get 1.5 million zero-emission cars on its roads by 2025.

Another Country to Ditch Fossil Fuel Vehicles

Sri Lanka's government will phase out in the next eight years its fleet of diesel and petrol vehicles including buses, and move to electric or hybrid models.

France Wants to Ban All Fossil Fuel Production By 2040

In what would be a world first, President Emmanuel Macron wants to phase out all oil and gas exploration and production in France and its overseas territories by 2040.

Wind and solar expected to supply third of global power by 2040

The plunging cost of wind and solar power mean they will provide a third of the world’s electricity in about 25 years, a leading analysis firm has predicted.

Electric cars 'could displace 2m barrels of oil per day' by 2025

“There is no more business as usual in the energy sector. There are a number of low-carbon technologies about to achieve critical mass decades before some companies expect”, says James Leaton, head of research at Carbon Tracker.

Sweden on target for 100 percent electricity from renewable energy by 2040

The latest figures show that 52 percent of the country’s energy needs – including electricity, heating, and fuel – are met by renewables. This is the highest of any EU country.

100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal Set For Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has committed to transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2032, as well as reduce carbon emissions citywide by 80% by 2040.