A Flying Motorcycle Prototype Completed Its First Flight Test

A prototype version of the Speeder, a jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle, has aced its first flight test. The machine, built by California-based Jetpack Aviation, could eventually reach top speeds of over 480 km/h.

The Israeli car that will take off from the roof

New Future Transportation (NFT) is developing an electric car prototype with wings that aims to solve congestion and also be affordable at $50,000.

Uber is building a flying taxi technology center in Paris

Uber has wildly ambitious plans to send flying taxis soaring over cities. The company announced that it will open a Paris lab dedicated to its Elevate program called the Advanced Technologies Center in Paris (ATCP).

Uber just unveiled a prototype of its futuristic air taxi

The company aims to conduct test flights of its air taxi in 2020 in Dallas or Los Angeles, with commercial service to begin as soon as 2023.

Uber unveils flying taxi plans

Uber has unveiled its vision for the flying taxi it hopes to start using for demonstration flights in 2020.

Dubai has officially started testing flying taxis

On Monday, a German firm tested one of its two-seater Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT), which hovered for about five minutes approximately 200 meters off the ground.

Future of Air Travel: Electric Planes and Flying Cars

Major aerospace companies are now moving to develop the future of flight with electric planes, self-driving taxis and personal flying vehicles.

Two companies unveil modular urban land and air transport system

With the goal of tackling rush hour traffic around the world, the companies have essentially created a car paired with a drone that can swoop down, pick it up and transport passengers far above the traffic below.

A company launches the world's first commercially available flying car

Pre-orders are about to begin for the world's first commercially available flying car

Uber Hires NASA Veteran To Develop Flying Cars

Uber has hired 30 year NASA veteran Mark Moore to help it develop flying cars.

Airbus flying "car" could take to the air this year

Airbus is currently working at short-range, electrically powered helicopters, closer in form to a toy drone. With electrically-driven ducted fans, they could be quiet enough to hop across city centers, and Airbus claims they will be as cheap to use as a taxi, thanks to the savings that come with the ride-sharing culture.

European VCs are going to make flying cars a reality

This technology has actually been around for decades, but Munich-based Lilium is touting their tech as being a far safer, cleaner and more socially friendly update.

Uber Wants You to Ride in a Flying Car

The writing is in the sky. Flying electric cars are coming and the ride-sharing company Uber wants to access whole fleets of them.

Airbus Autonomous Air-Taxi Prototype Scheduled to Fly Next Year

Airbus Group says it is developing the CityAirbus, an autonomous air taxi for individual passenger and cargo transport, scheduled to fly late next year.

Terrafugia's flying car will be a reality by 2018

Terrafugia is building the first-ever unmanned prototype of its TF-X flying car. They claim the vehicle will be ready for testing in 2018 and available for purchase by 2025.