Antarctic ice sheet melting: New tipping point discovered

Ice sheets, the massive frozen expanses covering Antarctica, are harboring a hidden threat beneath their surface.

Significant glacial retreat in West Antarctica

A new study suggests that the significant glacial retreat of two glaciers on the west coast of Antarctica began in the 19404's, likely spurred by climate change.

Greenland ice loss is causing the island to literally rise up

In a crazy demonstration of just how little Greenland cares about following the laws of physics, the large island is rising out of the sea. The rise is fueled by Greenland’s ongoing ice loss, which continues to melt as global temperatures rise.

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought

Melting at the interface between ice sheets and the ocean in the Arctic is much more extensive than previously estimated. Melting in the Arctic could have catastrophic effects on the rest of the world.

Antarctic study proves glacier has undergone irreversible retreat

Model results show that Pine Island glacier region of west Antarctica could collapse in the future. If it does, then it could raise global mean sea level by several metres.

North Greenland ice shelves have lost 35% of their volume

A new study found that ice shelves in the region have lost more than a third of their volume in the last half-century because of rising temperatures — and if it continues, there could be "dramatic consequences" for glaciers, and the planet. 

Increasing Melting of West Antarctic Ice Shelves May Now Be Unavoidable

The rate at which the warming Southern Ocean melts the West Antarctic ice sheet will speed up rapidly over the course of this century, regardless of how much emissions fall in coming decades, our new research suggests.

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at a "Very Concerning" Record Low

It’s winter in Antarctica, when sea ice cover typically grows. But this year’s sea ice is way behind, reaching record lows with implications for the planet.

Greenland ancient ice melting shows high risk of sea level rise today

An international team of scientists was amazed to discover that Greenland was a green land only 416,000 years ago. Much of the Greenland ice sheet vanished when it got warm which caused a global sea level rise.

NASA Finds Sea Levels Have Risen Over 9 Centimeters in Just 30 Years

Since 1993, the seas rose by a total of 9.1 centimeters. Two years ago, it went up by 0.27 centimeters. That one-year rise from 2021 to 2022 may sound small by comparison, but it's a harbinger.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is close to a melting point of no return

Releasing 1000 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere will cause the southern portion of the ice sheet to melt. If it melts entirely, global sea level would rise about 7 meters. We've emitted about 500 gigatons of carbon already.

Ice Sheet Collapse at Both Poles to Start Sooner Than Expected

Even if we manage to stabilize Earth's temperatures by peaking at 2 °C, Greenland's and Antarctica's vast ice sheets are on track for irreversible melting, a new study warns. 

Greenland's ice melt enough to cover Florida in water

This meltdown has caused concern, as continued large-scale melting of Greenland’s ice could lead to flooding in coastal cities worldwide.

Million in Asia's cities can be affected by sea-level rise

As many as 15 million people and 1,829 square km land in seven Asian cities could be affected by extreme sea-level rise and coastal flooding by 2030, a recent report by Greenpeace East Asia flagged. 

Iceberg due to collide with island splits in 2

Antarctic iceberg A-68A has drifted menacingly close to a remote island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. The giant iceberg could strike land this month. It has now split into 2 pieces.