Solar storms that caused pretty auroras can create havoc with technology

The same geomagnetic storms causing the auroras can cause havoc with our planet’s human-made infrastructure. 

Strange Blobs Deep Within Earth May Have Created Plate Tectonics

On the scale of cataclysmic events, the whomping impact of a Mars-sized object that crashed into Earth some 4.5 billion years ago ranks pretty highly: thought to have set in motion the movement of our planet's fractured, rocky crust.

Beautifully crafted Roman dodecahedron discovered in UK

The recent discovery of a Roman dodecahedron in Lincolnshire has prompted renewed fascination in these ancient mysterious objects.

Life Blossomed When Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Collapsed 590 Million Years Ago

Earth's magnetic field nearly collapsed some 590 million years ago, presumably putting life on the planet's surface at risk of a rise in cosmic radiation.

Ancient Rocks Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field Existed 3.7 Billion Years Ago

Rocks that formed some 3.7 billion years ago in the early Archean have given us the earliest glimpse yet of Earth's magnetic field.

Earth's Oldest Known Fossil Forest Discovered in England

The 390-million-year-old forest landscape, archived within the Eifelian Hangman Sandstone Formation of Somerset and Devon in England, is roughly 4 million years older than the previous record holder.

World's largest volcanic eruption took place 7,300 years ago

Scientists have discovered that the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history took place 7300 years ago in the sea off Japan.

Metals from Space Junk Are Polluting Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Falling pieces of space debris could be altering the stratosphere and negatively impacting our climate, new research suggests.

Scientists found astonishing link between Mars and Earth

Study reveals that deep-sea currents have been weakening, strengthening during 2.4m-year climate cycles

Ancient Volcanoes on Mars Hold Clues to Earth's Long-Lost Past

For a quiet, dusty lump of a planet we see today, Mars has had a surprisingly violent history, one that could reveal some clues about Earth.

Pacific plate is scored by large undersea faults that are pulling it apart

A team of geoscientists from the University of Toronto is shedding new light on the century-old model of plate tectonics, which suggests the plates covering the ocean floors are rigid as they move across the Earth.

Nanoparticles in Some of The World's Oldest Rocks Found to Hide Clues on Life's Origins

Encased inside some of the oldest rocks on Earth are previously overlooked nanocrystals that tell a story about how life might have emerged.

Cluster of Ancient Lost Cities in The Amazon Is The Largest Ever Found

Researchers have detected a cluster of lost 2,500-year-old cities at the foothills of the Andes in the Amazon rainforest.

Iceland eruption confirms faultline has reawakened

A volcanic eruption that has engulfed homes in an Icelandic fishing port confirms that a long-dormant faultline running under the country has woken up, threatening to belch out lava with little warning for years to come.

India is starting to split in two, new study discovers

India is changing drastically under the Earth's surface, as a new study has revealed that the Indian Continental Plate could be splitting in two.