Astrophysicists use supercomputer to explore exotic stellar phenomena

Computer simulations are giving us new insight into the riotous behavior of cannibal neutron stars.

One of The Oldest Stars in The Universe Found Right Beside Milky Way

A search for the first stars that winked into existence at the dawn of the Universe has yielded one of the oldest stars we've found yet, right next door to our own galaxy.

These Ancient Rivers of Stars Have Flowed Since The Milky Way Began

Towards the center of the galaxy, two streams of stars nearly as old as the Universe have been discovered circling the heart of the Milky Way. These two streams have been named Shiva and Shakti.

1 in 12 Stars May Have Eaten a Planet, Cosmic 'Twin Study' Finds

How stable are planetary systems? Will Earth and its seven siblings always continue in their steady celestial paths, or might we one day be randomly ejected from our cosmic home?

View Nova Explosion, "New" Star in Northern Crown

A star system, located 3,000 light-years away from Earth, is predicted to become visible to the unaided eye soon. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity as the nova ouburst only occurs about every 80 years.

Betelgeuse's Wild Surface Seems to Be Baffling Our Telescopes

 Betelgeuse's boiling surface could be so riotous that it generates an illusion of fast rotation.

The Metal Scar of a Devoured Planet

A white dwarf star that devoured at least a chunk of one of its planets has been betrayed by a scar of vaporized metal marring it surface – the tell-tale remnants of the planet that once orbited the star before spiraling into its doom.

Incredible galaxy with no visible stars discovered by accident

To this point, J0613+52 is unlike any other galaxy discovered in the universe. What we do know is that it’s an incredibly gas rich galaxy and its not demonstrating any star formation.

In a Huge First, Scientists Have Observed The 'Missing Link' Between Stars And Black Holes

In a magnificent first, we finally have direct observational evidence of the stellar process that produces neutron stars and black holes.

Ancient, Gigantic Star Exploded in a Way We Didn't Think Was Possible

A strange star in the Milky Way bares the signature of a unique explosion of a giant star that once existed billions of years ago in the era of the cosmic dawn.

Stars Destined For Epic Supernovas Finally Identified

A large number of supernovas are mysteriously devoid of hydrogen – suggesting that there must also be a significant population of hydrogen-poor stars from whence such supernovas come. 

Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare Since 2017

On the 14th of December our star unleashed an X-class solar flare. Solar physicists classify strong flares into three categories, with C being the weakest, M the middling group and X the most potent.

NASA's Webb Identifies Tiniest Free-Floating Brown Dwarf

A team using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has identified the new record-holder: a tiny, free-floating brown dwarf with only three to four times the mass of Jupiter.

Astronomers discover disc around star in anotehr galaxy

 It’s the first time such a disc, identical to those forming planets in our own Milky Way, has ever been found outside our galaxy. 

Scientists Discover a Stunning River of Stars Flowing Through Space

A stunning river of stars has been spotted flowing through the intergalactic space in a cluster of galaxies about 300 million light years away.