LIGO detects gravitational waves from neutron stars colliding

Gravitational waves from the collision of two neutron stars have been detected for the second time ever — along with another, less certain signal that a neutron star being swallowed by a black hole.

A Substance in Neutron Stars’ Crust May Be Universe’s Strongest Material

An international team of researchers has calculated the strength of nuclear pasta - extremely dense material deep inside the crust of neutron stars. The results show that nuclear it may be the strongest known material in the Universe.

Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Glow Around Neutron Star

“The emission is clearly above what the neutron star itself emits—it doesn’t come from the neutron star alone,” the study’s lead author stated.“This is very new.”

Colliding neutron stars likely formed low-mass black hole

The merger of two neutron stars generated gravitational waves and high-energy gamma radiation and detected last August likely produced a record low-mass black hole.

The Afterglow From Kilonova is Continuing to Brighten

Contrary to what was expected, a team of astronomers has discovered that kilonova event has been brightening ever since it first appeared.

The Multiverse?

Merging Neutron Stars Challenge Existing Theories of Gravity and Dark Energy.

Gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars usher in new era of astronomy

For the first time, gravitational waves have been detected coming from the violent collision of two neutron star potentially solving the mystery of where heavy elements like gold come from as well as producing a visible afterglow detected by over 70 telescopes around the world.

Experiment devoted to neutron star research installed on space station

A NASA instrument built to help astronomers learn about the structure and behavior of neutron stars has been mounted to the International Space Station.

Cosmic connection: Structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars

We humans may be more aligned with the universe than we realize. Scientists have discovered that neutron stars and cell cytoplasm have something in common: structures that resemble multistory parking garages.

Caught in the act: UW astronomers find a rare supernova 'impostor' in a nearby galaxy

University of Washington astronomers have identified a rare type of supernova