First ever measurements of einsteinium

Since element 99 - einsteinium - is very hard to create and it is exceptionally radioactive. A team of chemists has overcome these obstacles to report the first study characterizing some of its properties.

New stable form of plutonium discovered

An international team of scientists have found a new compound of plutonium with an unexpected, pentavalent oxidation state This new phase of plutonium is solid and stable, and may be a transient phase in radioactive waste repositories. 

Elusive molecule, first in Universe, detected in space

Within 100,000 years of the Big Bang, the very first molecule emerged, an improbable marriage of helium and hydrogen known as a helium hydride ion, or HeH+. It was the beginning of chemistry.

A Massive Breakthrough In Chemistry Made by US Student

A High school student from USA has discovered that carbon, which usually only forms four bonds, can end up forming a mind-boggling seven bonds, a higher number than ever considered possible for the element.

The periodic table is finally complete

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of 4 new elements, which will fill in the missing elements from the periodic table’s seventh row.