High Energy Neutrinos Are Coming From Supermassive Black Holes

Supermassive black holes are gravitational powerhouses. When hot gas surrounding them is squeezed by gravity and electromagnetic fields, it can emit tremendous amounts of energy, including high-energy neutrinos.

Giant telescope on sea floor to study rays from space

Curtin University researchers are part of an international project that will use a huge underwater neutrino telescope at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to help explain some of the most powerful and mysterious events in the universe.

A first 'snapshot' of neutrinos emitted by the sun

New results from Borexino, the only detector on Earth capable of observing the entire spectrum of solar neutrino simultaneously, which has now been accomplished.

Fresh Evidence for a New 'Sterile' Fundamental Particle

There are three types of neutrinos in the Standard Model, the blueprint of particle physics. Experimental results add evidence for the existence of a fourth, more mysterious type - the sterile neutrino.

Experiment Shares New View of Neutrinos

Experiment called OPERA at CERN has released its final round of results, which add further evidence of neutrinos’ strange identity-swapping behavior.

IceCube turns the planet into a giant neutrino detector

The IceCube detector, located at the South Pole, has now confirmed a part of the Standard Model of physics, which describes the properties of fundamental particles and their interactions.

After 43 years, gentle touch of a neutrino is finally observed

We’re actually able to detect a bump from the lightest particle we know of.

Over 1,000 scientist create the biggest facility to study neutrinos

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) will count with the support of 1,000 scientists and engineers from different parts of the world to study the properties of the neutrino.

Cosmic Neutrino Detector Reveals Clues About Ghostly Particle Masses

The new results support evidence of a strange symmetry in measurements of one neutrino mass. In particle physics, symmetries often indicate underlying physics that scientists haven't yet unearthed.

New detector at South Pole shows early success at neutrino hunting

The Askaryan Radio Array team recently published a performance review of the first two stations to come online, showing great potential for the detector to push forward understanding of the cosmos once it's fully operational.

Antimatter, annihilation and a universe that shouldn't exist

Antimatter is at the heart of one of the great mysteries in modern physics — why our universe has stuff in it.

Big, beautiful photos of insane physics experiments chasing the 'ghost particle'

Scientists call it the 'ghost particle'. Meet the neutrino, which scientists hope will help them answer dozens of critical questions about the Universe.

Discovered: ultra-elusive, super-energetic neutrinos from far-away galaxy

The capture of a burst of high-energy neutrinos from a far-off galaxy heralds a new era in astrophysics.

Scientists at Fermilab Are About to Start Shooting Neutrinos Through the Earth

Fermilab outside Chicago will soon begin its Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), and what it hopes to accomplish is as brilliant and confusing as the book of its namesake.

Electron 'Lifespan' Is At Least 5 Quintillion Times The Age Of The Universe

Basic physics suggests that electrons are essentially immortal. A fascinating experiment recently failed to overthrow this fundamental assumption.