A Flying Motorcycle Prototype Completed Its First Flight Test

A prototype version of the Speeder, a jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle, has aced its first flight test. The machine, built by California-based Jetpack Aviation, could eventually reach top speeds of over 480 km/h.

World's biggest drone to launch satellites into space

US-based firm Aevum has unveiled a massive drone called the Ravn X that is designed to act as an autonomous, airborne launch system for small satellites.

Google completes first drone delivery in the US

Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Wing has become the first company in the United States to deliver packages by drone.

Drone successfully delivers donor kidney to transplant patient

The flight involved a specially designed drone equipped with an ‘apparatus’ that both monitored the donor organ and maintained it, as well as a mesh network for control and a backup systems.

The world's smallest optical gyroscope

A new tiny optical gyroscope fits on the tip of your finger and could find its way into drones and spacecraft in the future.

Brain-controlled drones are here: What’s coming in the next five years

Single unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) directed by joysticks, radio controllers, and mobile phones are already accomplishing a variety of useful tasks. But using multiple drones requires multiple human operators, and this presents a coordination problem.

Facebook Internet Drone Completes Successful Flight

Facebook's Aquila internet drone recently completed its second full-scale test flight, and this time the aircraft had a smooth landing.

Two companies unveil modular urban land and air transport system

With the goal of tackling rush hour traffic around the world, the companies have essentially created a car paired with a drone that can swoop down, pick it up and transport passengers far above the traffic below.

Airbus flying "car" could take to the air this year

Airbus is currently working at short-range, electrically powered helicopters, closer in form to a toy drone. With electrically-driven ducted fans, they could be quiet enough to hop across city centers, and Airbus claims they will be as cheap to use as a taxi, thanks to the savings that come with the ride-sharing culture.

The Future Is Here. Meet The Pouncer Drone, An Edible Drone For Food Aid Delivery

Technology has come a far way. Meet the Pouncer drone, the game changer designed to provide food aid to areas affected by natural disasters as well as those afflicted by conflict. And the most ingenious part? It’s edible.

Company gives sneak peek of air delivery drone lab in Cambridge

Amazon has opened the doors to its Prime Air drone lab in Cambridge, one of the lynchpins in its ambitious plans to start remotely delivering packages by air in the UK.

Drones Deliver Blood Rwanda

A fleet of 15 drones located in Rwanda's Muhanga District have come online to fly packages of blood to 21 transfusing facilities.

World's First Passenger Drone to Begin Testing

The electric Ehang 184 drone gets a shot at regulatory approval in Nevada.

Report details Google's Project Skybender, - a 5G Internet drone program

Plane-like drones could someday beam 1Gbps to 10Gbps Internet down to Earth. Google has yet another Internet-in-the-sky program in the works. This one is called "Project Skybender," and it aims to outfit drones with millimeter wave transceivers—radios that work in a slice of the spectrum that could be used in next-generation "5G" networks.