Drone successfully delivers donor kidney to transplant patient

The flight involved a specially designed drone equipped with an ‘apparatus’ that both monitored the donor organ and maintained it, as well as a mesh network for control and a backup systems.

The Future Is Here. Meet The Pouncer Drone, An Edible Drone For Food Aid Delivery

Technology has come a far way. Meet the Pouncer drone, the game changer designed to provide food aid to areas affected by natural disasters as well as those afflicted by conflict. And the most ingenious part? It’s edible.

Company gives sneak peek of air delivery drone lab in Cambridge

Amazon has opened the doors to its Prime Air drone lab in Cambridge, one of the lynchpins in its ambitious plans to start remotely delivering packages by air in the UK.

Drones Deliver Blood Rwanda

A fleet of 15 drones located in Rwanda's Muhanga District have come online to fly packages of blood to 21 transfusing facilities.