Google Unveils AI-Generated Search Results in New Era For Online Queries

Google on Tuesday said it would introduce AI-generated answers to online queries, in one of the biggest changes to its world leading search engine in 25 years.

Exquisitely detailed map of a tiny piece of the human brain

Although the map covers just a fraction of the organ—a whole brain is a million times larger—that piece contains roughly 57,000 cells, about 230 millimeters of blood vessels, and nearly 150 million synapses. 

Huge Google Project to Unmask Worst Methane Polluters Now Ready

A satellite that measures methane leaks from oil and gas companies is set to start circulating the Earth 15 times a day next month.

Google quantum computer is 47 years faster than a supercomputer

A new quantum computer can execute calculations in mere moments that would take the most advanced supercomputers 47 years to process.

Google Reaches Another Quantum Computing Milestone

Google researchers demonstrated they could reduce errors in calculations while increasing the number of physical quantum bits (qubits) in a 'logical qubit,' a building block of large-scale quantum computers.

Google, YouTube to prohibit making money on climate denial content

Google advertisers and publishers, as well as YouTube creators, will be prohibited from making ad revenue off content that denies climate change. It's one of the most aggressive measures major tech platform has taken so far.

Achieving quantum supremacy

Researchers have made good on their claim to quantum supremacy. Using 53 entangled quantum bits ('qubits'), their Sycamore computer has taken on -- and solved -- a problem considered intractable for classical computers.

Google completes first drone delivery in the US

Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Wing has become the first company in the United States to deliver packages by drone.

Google and Harvard use AI to predict earthquake aftershocks

Scientists from Harvard and Google have devised a method to predict where earthquake aftershocks may occur, using a trained neural network.

Google and NASA to reveal mysterious new space finds

NASA will be hosting a somewhat unusual press conference on Thursday to announce the latest find from its planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope.

Google is officially 100% sun and wind powered

Google is officially off-setting 100% of its energy usage with either wind or solar power. The company signed contracts on three wind power plants in recent days.

Computer Learns To Play Go At Superhuman Levels 'Without Human Knowledge'

Researchers say they have constructed an AI program that can teach itself to play the ancient strategy game at a level far beyond humans.

Google will be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2018

After ten years as a carbon-neutral company, Google has announced that all of its data centers and offices will be powered by 100% renewable energy, mostly from solar and wind sources.

New Earbuds Offer Real-time Translation Feature

Google introduced new ear buds that the company says are capable of real-time translation of conversations in different languages.

Google built a fake city to test its self-driving cars.

Inside the city, the self-driving vehicles can log thousands of miles in a controlled setting, where cars driven by people are staged to quickly cut off a self-driving car in order to test the robot’s rate of deceleration.