Google Unveils AI-Generated Search Results in New Era For Online Queries

Google on Tuesday said it would introduce AI-generated answers to online queries, in one of the biggest changes to its world leading search engine in 25 years.

Artificial Intelligence can learn to lie and cheat

Artificial intelligence can learn to lie and cheat, and this is a serious risk that requires regulatory and legislative measures to ensure that it remains a useful technology, rather than becoming a threat to human knowledge.

Study Suggests AI Is The Reason We've Never Found Aliens

Could AI be the universe's "great filter" – a threshold so hard to overcome that it prevents most life from evolving into space-faring civilizations?

AI Could Explain Why We're Not Meeting Any Aliens, Wild Study Proposes

The Great Filter is a hypothesized event or situation that prevents intelligent life from becoming interplanetary and interstellar and even leads to its demise. Artificial Super Intelligence could be the Great Filter. 

AI Predicts Alzheimer's 7 Years Early

Researchers have developed an AI method that can predict Alzheimer’s Disease up to seven years before the onset of symptoms.

A new AI tool could transform video production and amplify disinformation risks

OpenAI announced a new generative AI system named Sora, which produces short videos from text prompts. The high quality of the sample outputs published so far has provoked both excited and concerned reactions.

Scientists discover the first new antibiotics in over 60 years using AI

A new class of antibiotics for drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria which was discovered using more transparent deep learning models.

AI can already diagnose depression better than a doctor

Research suggests AI could diagnose depression from health records or even social media posts. And it could overcome GP bias when it comes to prescribing medications.

ChatGPT turns 1

As a result, another lesson that everyone – users of ChatGPT or not – will have to learn in the blockbuster technology’s second year is to be vigilant when it comes to digital media of all kinds.

New AI System Discovers Supernova Without Human Help

For the first time, artificial intelligence (AI) has searched for, detected, confirmed, classified, and announced a supernova discovery without any human intervention.

Swift AI drone beats humans in drone race for the first time

Researchers from the University of Zurich and Intel have announced the creation of a unique autonomous unmanned system called Swift. It is powered by artificial intelligence and is capable of outperforming humans in FPV drone race.