Mysterious Objects in Space Could Be Giant Dyson Spheres

One group of scientists thinks that we may already have detected technosignatures from a technological civilization's Dyson spheres, but the detection is hidden in our vast troves of astronomical data.

Study Suggests AI Is The Reason We've Never Found Aliens

Could AI be the universe's "great filter" – a threshold so hard to overcome that it prevents most life from evolving into space-faring civilizations?

AI Could Explain Why We're Not Meeting Any Aliens, Wild Study Proposes

The Great Filter is a hypothesized event or situation that prevents intelligent life from becoming interplanetary and interstellar and even leads to its demise. Artificial Super Intelligence could be the Great Filter. 

Planetary System Probed For Signs of Alien Technology

Some 100 light-years from the Solar System dwells the most mathematically perfect planetary system we've ever seen. The star at its center – a temperate orange dwarf called HD 110067 – is orbited by six exoplanets.

Alien Civilizations May Be Trapped on Their Home Worlds

Spanish professor argues that that water or other liquid-dwelling aliens, as well as civilizations on super-Earths, may actually be trapped on their planets due to "physical limitations".

New Theory Shows How Civilizations Can Spread Like Wildfire Through Space

With only one habitable planet (Earth) and one technologically advanced civilization (humanity) as examples, scientists are still confined to theorizing where other intelligent life forms could be.

Scientists Are Looking For Alien Signals From The Heart of The Milky Way

The Breakthrough Listen Investigation for Periodic Spectral Signals (BLIPSS) project is designed to seek and amplify strangely pulsed radio emission from the galactic center that may be messages from extraterrestrial intelligences.

Search for alien life just got 1,000 times bigger

Astronomers searching for radio signals that could be signs of extraterrestrial life have just gained access to South Africa's MeerKAT telescope.

A Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri

The signal appears to emanate from the direction of our neighboring star and cannot yet be dismissed as Earth-based interference, raising the very faint prospect that it is a transmission from extraterrestrial intelligence.

Survey finds no detectable alien radio signals across 10 million stars

Australian astronomers surveyed a patch of sky around the constellation Vela known to include at least 10 million stars. They found no technosignatures – no sign of intelligent life.

Extraterrestrial Hunters to Expand Their Search

It looks as though Breakthrough Listen’s ( a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing space exploration ) search efforts could be expanded by a factor of more than 200.

Research sheds new light on intelligent life elsewhere

A recent UK study shows that there could be about 36 active communicating intelligent civilizations in our home Galaxy. This is an enormous advance over previous estimates which spanned from zero to billions.

The odds of life and intelligence emerging on other planets

According to a recent study, if planets with similar conditions and evolutionary time lines to Earth are common, then life should have little problem spontaneously emerging on other planets and the odds are 3:2

Study examines which galaxies are best for intelligent life

Giant elliptical galaxies are not as likely as disk-shaped galaxies, such as our own Milky Way, to be cradles of technological civilizations, according to a recent U.S. paper.

Weird "Vanishing Stars" Could Potentially Be Extraterrestrials

A comparative analysis of historical and contemporary astronomical data has resulted in the discovery of approximately 100 star-like objects that unexpectedly vanished. These strange occurrences are likely natural, but scientists say alien technology is a remote possibility.