China sends first 6G Test Satellite into orbit

China sent "the world's first 6G test satellite" into the orbit with a launch of Long March 6 carrier rocket on Friday. The satellite will become "the first technical verification of terahertz communication" tested in space.

World's fastest internet speed from a single optical chip

Researchers have successfully tested and recorded Australia's fastest internet data speed, and that of the world, from a single optical chip - capable of downloading 1000 high definition movies in a split second.

SpaceX launches 60 little satellites, with many more to come

SpaceX has launched 60 little satellites, the first of thousands that founder Elon Musk plans to put in orbit for global internet coverage.

OneWeb of 900 internet satellites in space

US-based company OneWeb along with Airbus hopes to get everyone on the planet on the internet. After starting up seven years ago, the company is finally starting to launch a fleet of about 900 satellites into a low-Earth orbit.

Scientists Worldwide Are Getting Serious About Quantum Internet

Just last week Dutch scientists revealed a plan to connect four cities with a quantum link by 2020. Today, US scientists announced that they plan to set up a quantum link across a 30-mile distance.

Groundbreaking new technology could allow 100-times-faster internet

Th world-first nanophotonic device encodes more data and processes it much faster than conventional fiber optics by using a special form of 'twisted' light.

Quantum internet goes hybrid

Researchers report the first demonstration of an elementary link of a hybrid quantum information network.

World’s first 5G data connection on 5G modem chipset for mobiles

The company’s Qualcomm Technologies achieved a 5G data connection on a 5G modem chipset for mobile devices—with an emphasis on “mobile.”

Facebook Internet Drone Completes Successful Flight

Facebook's Aquila internet drone recently completed its second full-scale test flight, and this time the aircraft had a smooth landing.

A study finds similar algorithm governing the brain and Internet

A Salk Institute discovery shows that an algorithm used for the Internet is also at work in the human brain, an insight that improves our understanding of engineered and neural networks and potentially even learning disabilities.

Upcoming Transatlantic Link Will Encourage Global Sharing

A three-continent research data sharing project is making headways in an effort to globalize research telecommunications.

How 5G will change the way we use the web

The promise of 5G includes faster internet, greater mobile connectivity for businesses, and the ability to take futuristic digital experiences like VR and AR mainstream.

Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of a Smarter Internet

Technologists around the world have long fantasized about an artificial intelligence so powerful, that it is smarter than all of humanity combined.

China's new quantum satellite paves the way for unhackable satellite internet

CHINA is on the brink of launching a groundbreaking new satellite capable of conducting quantum experiments in space, leading some to predict it will usher in the beginning of a new space race.

5G Mobile Gets One Step Closer to Reality

Fiber-fast wireless will make video chatting buffering-free and advance self-driving car technologies.