The largest Passive House project in the world

Gaobeidian Railway City in China has the largest Passive House project in the world, showing how to scale energy efficient building. This single project totals 330,000 square meters of certified Passive House buildings.

Now you can buy "Alexa-enabled smart homes" in U.S.

  • 27 Jan 2019

Amazon has made a deal with a big American home builder, to build "Alexa-enabled smart homes" where you can do a lot more than just adjust your temperature.

Hawaiian company unveils an integrated home

Hawaiian company, EnSync, is providing its smart home energy systems, which will utilize peer-to-peer energy exchange and smart water heaters to optimize energy efficiency and utilization of solar across the community.

French family becomes the first to move into a 3D printed house

The four-bedroom house was constructed using a patented 3D printing method called BatiPrint3D. The printer works by printing in layers from the floor upwards.

A new study looks at the design of the home in 2050

A new study Futurology: The new home in 2050 provides insights into some of the trends we are likely to see 30 years or more into the future.

First 3D-printed concrete housing project

The first 3D-printed concrete house in the world is to be built in Eindhoven, Netherlands this year. It will be a single-storey house and it's expected to be ready for occupation in the first half of 2019.

Green buildings are an integral part of green cities

More than 30 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions emitted by cities are generated by buildings alone, according to National Geographic.

Now you can buy "Alexa-enabled smart homes"

Amazon has made a deal with Lennar, a big American homebuilder, to build "Alexa-enabled smart homes".

Japanese company announces plans for the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper

The overall goal of the high-rise, dubbed W350, is to help realize an environmentally conscious city of wooden buildings that would transform Tokyo into a “forest.”

Microsoft's Cortana to support more smart home devices

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana will now support more smart home devices and integrate with IFTTT – a free web-based platform that helps users connect their apps and services together.

Homes that are making us sick: Energy efficiency is part of the cure

The efficiency and design of our buildings is an even bigger public health issue than previously thought.

The world's first "Biological House" opens in Denmark

Danish firm has unveiled the ultra-sustainable Biological House, which was built with green building materials created out of agricultural residues.

This Living Light is powered by a houseplant

The Living Light is an off-grid light that’s powered by a houseplant instead of an electrical socket.

New smart home hub can control 27,000 devices

A new smart home controller has been launched on the Australian market with the claim that it offers a number of features that differentiate it from competing products, such as those from Apple and Google.

11 Solar-powered homes that show the future of architecture

This month, eleven university-led teams designed, built, and presented futuristic houses at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 in Colorado, USA