U.S. court rules children have right to a healthy environment

Young environmental activists scored a ground-breaking legal victory in U.S. A Montana judge said state agencies were violating their constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment by allowing fossil fuel development.

US scientists repeat fusion ignition breakthrough for 2nd time

Such a breakthrough could one day help curb climate change if companies can scale up the technology to a commercial level in the coming decades.

Asteroid Ryugu Was Once a Planet Forming in Our Solar System

According to an analysis of grains collected from asteroid Ryugu, at least part of the carbon-rich rock started its life much farther from the Sun before ending up in the asteroid belt and then, ultimately, at roughly Earth's distance from the Sun.

We Just Got The First Evidence of Two Planets Sharing The Same Orbit

The system in which the discovery was made is already famous: PDS-70. It was here that we saw, for the first time, direct images of not just one but two exoplanets in the process of forming, baby gas giants named PDS-70b and PDS-70c

The worlds first commerical lab-grown meat factory is being build in Spain

The largest meat company in the world, JBS, has started construction of its first commercial-scale factory to make lab-grown meat in Spain.

Researchers discover that plants can clean toxic chemicals from the air

 According to a new study, some plants can clean toxic chemicals from the air, helping clear out cancer-causing toxins in a matter of hours.

Scientists Beam Solar Power to Earth from Space for First Time Ever

The MAPLE experiment was able to wirelessly transfer collected solar power to receivers in space and direct energy to Earth

Scientists Unravel the Mystery Behind Jupiter's Colour-Changing Stripes

Recent research shows that the changes in Jupiter's magnetic field are causing these mysterious colour shifts. 

Scientists have found a way of making electricity from thin air

Scientists in the US have developed a device that can harvest humidity in the air to create a clean electricity supply. According to the researchers “nearly any material can be turned into a device that harvests electricity from air”.

A 'Tandem' Solar Cell Just Set a Brand New Efficiency Record

A Saudi Arabian team has achieved a record level of efficiency with what's known as a 'tandem' solar cell: one that combines two different materials.

These Bacteria Can Transform CO2 in The Air Into a Useful Bioplastic

Plastic-munching bacteria capable of breaking down plastic waste in a matter of hours have attracted much attention lately as a microscopic solution to the world's growing plastic problem.

Compostable packaging can elliminate plastic altogether

TIPA, a compostable packaging company, makes fully compostable bags for shipping products in multiple stages of the supply chain. Swapping out traditional plastic bags means introducing a fully circular system that gives back to the planet.

Lab-grown fat could give cultured meat real flavor and texture

Researchers have successfully bulk-produced fat tissue in the lab that has a similar texture and make-up to naturally occurring fats from animals.

Bacteria that turns air into electricity

Australian scientists have discovered an enzyme that converts air into energy. This enzyme uses the low amounts of the hydrogen in the atmosphere to create an electrical current. 

US scientists improve photoresponsivity in solar cells by 250%

U.S. researchers claim to have increased the photoresponsivity of a lead-halide perovskite for solar cell applications by 250%.