Scientists Just Made Hydrogen Fuel With Nothing But Air and Solar Power

The team showed that the device could run efficiently for 12 consecutive days and produced hydrogen with 99 percent purity.

UK pilot project mixes "green" hydrogen with natural gas

A pilot project at Keele University is pumping out a mix of 80 percent natural gas and 20 percent hydrogen made by electrolysis in a shipping container sized unit.

Wind company bets hydrogen is key to climate goals

Orsted, a Danish company, anticipates that the scale and efficiency of wind farms at sea can play a crucial role to supply heavy industry with green hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the few fuels that can burn hot enough to make steel and cement.

'Artificial leaf' successfully produces clean gas

A widely-used gas that is currently produced from fossil fuels can instead be made by an 'artificial leaf' that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and which could eventually be used to develop a sustainable liquid fuel alternative to gasoline.

Jet fuels made from plants could be competitive with fossil fuels

It's challenging to electrify aviation using batteries or fuel cells in part because of the weight restrictions on aircraft, so liquid biofuels have the potential to play a big role in greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Air-Breathing Thruster Aims to Power Satellites Almost Indefinitely

The novel European Space Agency technology would scoop up atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen during near-Earth orbits and turn it into fuel.

Making fuel cells for a fraction of the cost

Researchers now describe the development of an inexpensive, efficient catalyst material for a type of fuel cell which turns the chemical energy of hydrogen into electricity.

New power plant will use dairy manure to make clean electricity & hydrogen

The forthcoming Tri-Gen facility is being called "the world's first megawatt-scale 100% renewable power and hydrogen generation station."

Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the direct conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) into liquid fuels and chemicals which could help industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Researchers find an enzyme that harvests light to make hydrocarbons

Researches have identified an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of fats to long hydrocarbons, which could be used as fuel with no further modification.

In Kenya, dried poop briquettes are serving as a clean cooking fuel

This waste-to-resource project not only produces a less smoky and long-burning fire, but could also help improve health and sanitation outcomes.

Sustainable ethanol from carbon dioxide

A recent discovery could lead to a new, more sustainable way to make ethanol without corn or other crops.

Splitting Carbon Dioxide Could Lead to a New Source of Clean Fuel

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a method for splitting carbon dioxide using solar energy, which could help provide a way to turn the greenhouse gas into fuel.

Morning Cup of Coffee Can Now Easily Create Biofuel

Future Americano, cappuccino, and latte drinkers could help produce the raw material for a greener biofuel that would reduce our reliance on diesel from fossil fuels.

Global advanced biofuel market to grow 44% by 2021

The global advanced biofuel market is likely to grow close to 44 percent by 2021, according to a latest report.