Physicists discover that gravity can create light

  • 11 Apr 2023

Researchers have discovered that in the exotic conditions of the early universe, waves of gravity may have shaken space-time so hard that they spontaneously created radiation.

Light sensor achieves 200% efficiency

Netherland's team of researchers developed a light sensor more sensitive than anything built before.

Black Hole Bends Light Back on Itself

  • 14 Apr 2020

A new study offers evidence that, not all of the light streaming from a black hole’s surrounding disk easily escapes. Some of it gives in to the monstrous pull of the black hole, turns back, and then bounces off the disk and escapes.

Physicists use light waves to enable ultrafast quantum computing

Scientists have discovered that terahertz light - light at trillions of cycles per second - can act as a control knob to accelerate supercurrents. That can help open up the quantum world of matter and energy at atomic and subatomic scales.

A hidden phase of matter created by a burst of light

A pulse of laser light resulted in a stable "supercrystal" created by a team of U.S. researchers. The team's goal is to discover interesting states of matter that do not exist in equilibrium in nature.

Physicists create new form of light

Physicists have created a new form of light that could enable quantum computing with photons.

Optical computing is now a step closer

By forcing light to go through a smaller gap than ever before, researchers have paved the way for computers based on light instead of electronics.

Australian researchers store light as sound for the first time

Researchers at Australia university were able to store light waves as sound waves on a microchip, which could bring us closer to light-based computers.

Scientists Discover That Light Can Behave Like a Liquid

Recent research shows that light is much stranger and more complex than scientists had previously given it credit for. According to recent findings, light can also behave like a liquid.

The world's fastest film camera: When light practically stands still

A research group has developed a camera that can film at a rate equivalent to five trillion images per second, or events as short as 0.2 trillionths of a second. This is faster than has previously been possible.

An Ultrafast Camera Captures 'Sonic Booms' of Light for First Time

The new technology used to make this discovery could one day allow scientists to image live activity in the brain.

Physicists detect exotic looped trajectories of light in three-slit experiment

Physicists have performed a variation of the famous 200-year-old double-slit experiment that, for the first time, involves "exotic looped trajectories" of photons.

Breakthrough in the quantum transfer of information between matter and light

From stationary to flying qubits at speeds never reached before... This feat brings us a little closer to the era when information is transmitted via quantum principles.

Scientists stop light in a cloud of atoms

Australian scientists have stopped light in a cloud of very cold atoms, a development that provides a essential building block for quantum computing.

Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light, using graphene

By slowing down light to a speed slower than flowing electrons, researchers create a kind of optical "sonic boom"