Prototype of a Future Interstellar Probe was Just Tested

Researchers have recently conducted a successful stratospheric test of their wafercraft. If all goes well, the spacecraft will be able to reach relativistic speeds and make it to the nearest star system within our lifetimes.

A Star's Outburst is Releasing Organic Molecules

A new study by an international team of astronomers has discovered the presence of organic molecules in the disk of a young star V883 Ori, located about 1300 light-years away from the Earth.

Surprisingly salty young star found in Orion complex

Astronomers using ALMA, have found the fingerprints of sodium chloride – table salt – in a ring of dusty debris around a massive young star 1,500 light years away that formed in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

Astronomers May Have Just Discovered Our Sun's Identical Twin

Recent research suggests that most, if not all, stars are born with a binary twin. Our Sun is a solitary star, but there's evidence to suggest that it did have a binary twin, once upon a time and it might have just been found.

Scientist finds elusive star with origins close to Big Bang

The discovery of this approximately 13.5 billion-year-old tiny star means more stars with very low mass and very low metal content are likely out there—perhaps even some of the universe's very first stars.

Ultra-close stars discovered inside a planetary nebula

Astronomers have discovered two stars in a binary pair that complete an orbit around each other in a little over three hours, residing in the planetary nebula M3-1. Remarkably, the stars could drive a nova explosion.

Four Giant Planets Found Around a Very Young Star

Astronomers have discovered 4 very large gas planets orbiting a young star only 2 million years old. Looks like we need a new model of planetary formation.

A Substance in Neutron Stars’ Crust May Be Universe’s Strongest Material

An international team of researchers has calculated the strength of nuclear pasta - extremely dense material deep inside the crust of neutron stars. The results show that nuclear it may be the strongest known material in the Universe.

Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Glow Around Neutron Star

“The emission is clearly above what the neutron star itself emits—it doesn’t come from the neutron star alone,” the study’s lead author stated.“This is very new.”

Discovery of a structurally 'inside-out' planetary nebula

International team of scientists have discovered the unusual evolution of the central star of a planetary nebula in our Milky Way. This extraordinary discovery sheds light on the ultimate fate of the sun.

Astronomers stunned by Eta Carinae – the star that will not die

About 170 years ago, Eta Carinae erupted with a titanic blast becoming at one point the second brightest star in the night sky. Somehow, the star survived the “Great Eruption”, providing an intriguing mystery for astronomers.

Haunting Beauty of a Distant Star Cluster

A new image of star cluster RCW 38, an area strewn with young, hot, massive stars, is providing an unprecedented glimpse into a tumultuous region of space located 5,500 light-years from Earth.

ALMA discovers trio of infant planets around newborn star

Two independent teams of astronomers have used ALMA to uncover convincing evidence that three young planets are in orbit around the infant star HD 163296.

Colliding neutron stars likely formed low-mass black hole

The merger of two neutron stars generated gravitational waves and high-energy gamma radiation and detected last August likely produced a record low-mass black hole.

Most complete ultraviolet-light survey of nearby galaxies

An international team of astronomers is releasing the most comprehensive, high-resolution ultraviolet-light survey of nearby star-forming galaxies.