Astronomers Discover Slowest-Spinning Radio-Emitting Neutron Star

A neutron star labeled ASKAP J1935+2148 defies rules for neutron stars, emitting radio signals on a comparatively leisurely interval of 53.8 minutes.

Cosmic butterfly that births planets is spotted in space

Astronomers discover the biggest planet-forming disk ever and it resembles a butterfly.

Stunning New Image of Triple-Star System Gleaming in Space

Another amazing image has been released that shows the triple-star system HP Tau, HP Tau G2, and HP Tau G3. HP Tau is so young that it hasn't started to fuse hydrogen yet and is only 10 million years old!

Astrophysicists discover a novel method for hunting the first stars

A recent study has discovered a novel method for detecting the first-generations stars, known as Population III (Pop III) stars, which have never been directly detected. 

Astronomers Finally Solve Mystery of Star Violently Erupting For Decades

Most stars in the Milky Way just hang around doing pretty normal star things, but one particular star just will not.

Mysterious Stars at The Heart of The Milky Way Hide a Dark Secret

A study of the stars crashing around in the Milky Way's galactic center suggests that they are much, much older than they appear – and that their youthful good looks are the result of cosmic cannibalism.

Clash of stars solves stellar mystery

Star pairs are typically very similar, but in HD 148937, one star appears younger and is magnetic. New data from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) suggest there were originally three stars in the system, until two of them clashed and merged.

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar

Researchers using CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope, have detected unusual radio pulses from a previously dormant star with a powerful magnetic field.

Astrophysicists use supercomputer to explore exotic stellar phenomena

Computer simulations are giving us new insight into the riotous behavior of cannibal neutron stars.

One of The Oldest Stars in The Universe Found Right Beside Milky Way

A search for the first stars that winked into existence at the dawn of the Universe has yielded one of the oldest stars we've found yet, right next door to our own galaxy.

These Ancient Rivers of Stars Have Flowed Since The Milky Way Began

Towards the center of the galaxy, two streams of stars nearly as old as the Universe have been discovered circling the heart of the Milky Way. These two streams have been named Shiva and Shakti.

1 in 12 Stars May Have Eaten a Planet, Cosmic 'Twin Study' Finds

How stable are planetary systems? Will Earth and its seven siblings always continue in their steady celestial paths, or might we one day be randomly ejected from our cosmic home?

View Nova Explosion, "New" Star in Northern Crown

A star system, located 3,000 light-years away from Earth, is predicted to become visible to the unaided eye soon. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity as the nova ouburst only occurs about every 80 years.

Betelgeuse's Wild Surface Seems to Be Baffling Our Telescopes

 Betelgeuse's boiling surface could be so riotous that it generates an illusion of fast rotation.

The Metal Scar of a Devoured Planet

A white dwarf star that devoured at least a chunk of one of its planets has been betrayed by a scar of vaporized metal marring it surface – the tell-tale remnants of the planet that once orbited the star before spiraling into its doom.