Dear friends, I am building a community around my website
Currently the website links to the external articles,
however in future I hope to transform it into one of a kind website with its own content -
impressive articles and unique interviews.

Would you like to join? :)

What is

The website is a future oriented news platform for major breakthroughs in sustainability, science,
technology and space exploration.
Fabayo also highlights our main climate problems and shows the emergence of a new Human - a person of the Future.

Fabayo's main difference from other news or scientific news websites is that it offers a fresh look at things that are important.
The website highlights major breakthroughs, milestones -
the news that are important in the long term perspective, that are crucial from the objective point of view, 
the news that that are catalyst for the Future.

The website has unique categories and subcategories.

For instance one of the categories is "Future Environment".
This category is about the environment that could and will surround us in near future -
the raise of the renewables, green cities, sustainable transport, green gadgets, carbon footprint reduction,
smart homes, commercial biofuel flights, etc.
"Future Environment" offers unique subcategories and tags such as "100% renewables" , "low carbon economy",
future cities", "solar aircraft" ,"waste to energy","advancements in solar cells" , "commercial biofuel flights",
"affordable energy", etc.

Another great thing is that is a Future oriented website, but in a sane and serious way.
And this again offers a lot of exceptional future-related tags, like "future learning" ,"future living", "future spacecrafts",
"future medicine", "future communication", "future jobs", "future transport", "future philosophy", etc..

You can in fact make a search by a particular year, say "2050" and see all global plans and hopes for this year.

How it all started

My name is Kristina Vislapuu and I am from Ukraine.
I began creating Fabayo in 2010.
Here you an see how it originally looked like -

In April, 2015 I ran a campaign on about Fabayo project -
The renewed website emerged in September, 2015.

News that will change the world promotes a global vision as opposite to local vision.
It unifies the most important current knowledge available about our planet, our future
and our place in Cosmos.
By shifting the focus to the news that are important, by promoting renewables and zero carbon economy,-
my hope is that Fabayo contributes to making this planet a better place for this and future generations.

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